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LEONARDTOWN, Md. — Alex, Katie, and JJ from the BayNet, along with Mike and Ethan from Charm City and Wulf Paranormal, visit the Old Jail House in Leonardtown Maryland to find out if this “paranormal hot spot” is what it’s hyped up to be.

Throughout their stay, the team used many devices such as hot/sprit boxes, a REM Pod, a music box, and even performed an Estes Method.

One of the investigators even claimed they saw a ghost on the front lawn.

Many of the paranormal events that happen at the Jail House today has to do with its dark history.

On June 17, 1887, Benjamin Hance, a young black male, who was accused of assaulting a white women while visiting the town, was dragged out of his cell by a mob and lynched north of Leonradtown.

This is the only documented lynching in St. Mary’s County, according to the Maryland Archives.

When you visit the Old Jail House today, you can see a jar of soil from the tree that Hance was lynched at in the cell that he was held in.

On April 27, 1888, 23 year old Benjamin Biscoe was legally hanged on the courthouse grounds for the murder of Captain Robert Dixon on the Potomac River on August 29, 1886.

One of the night watchmen of the courthouse told the editor of the Beacon that “Biscoe’s ghost does certainly walk around.”

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  1. Now Point Lookout is haunted for sure. Something like 3,000 confederate prisoners of war died there.

    There used to be ghost tours down there years ago.

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