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LEONARDTOWN, Md. — The Baynet’s fourth episode of the Student Athlete Spotlight features Leonardtown High School Football Coach Justin Cunningham to talk about their seniors, support from the community, and ways the team has improved in recent years. 

“This is my fourth year as a head football coach. When I came in, all these seniors were freshmen, so these are my guys, and they know me to a T. I know them to a T,” said Cunningham. “That senior group is really special. They’re a great group of kids. They’ve done a great job of leading by example vocally to our younger guys. Our younger guys have a sense of urgency at times because our seniors are on it.” 

Along with a great group of seniors, Cunningham mentions that the support from the staff, students, and parents plays a part in the team’s success.

“We couldn’t do what we are doing right now without our parents. We have a great booster club. They are very supportive. They make my life easier. I’ll tell you that. You know, as a head coach, you’re going a lot of different ways, but when you have people that can help you out and kind of take some of that weight off, it definitely helps,” Cunningham explained.  

For Cunningham, it has been a memorable experience to be with the football seniors for all four years of their high school journey. 

“You see these kids grow, like how I’ve watched my seniors grow from freshman, and you see the change. And you know a lot of that change is maybe not directly from you, but maybe from your staff members or stuff that we’ve done that is going to make them a better person down the road,” Cunningham said. 

Aaron Brady, the host, created the Student Athlete Spotlight to highlight all the hard and excellent work of our local high school sports. The first set in the series invited head coaches from Leonardtown, Paxuent, Great Mills, St. Mary’s Ryken, and Chopticon High School to talk about the beginning of the football season, their students, and what drives their passion. 

On the next episode of Student Athlete Spotlight, Aaron Brady talks one-on-one with Coach Gary Wynn from St. Mary’s Ryken High School. 

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Student Athlete Spotlight features interviews with local high school sports coaches and students.

ABOUT THE HOST: Coach Brady has been coaching since 1999 after a brief cup of coffee with the NY Giants in the NotForLong League. During the last 22 seasons, he has spent 8 years in the college ranks at Duke, Georgetown, Mansfield, and Clarion University respectively, and has been a head high school coach for 14 seasons. As a high school scholar-athlete, he garnered 10 varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball and was All-State in two sports. Over the years, Aaron has coached baseball, basketball, girl’s soccer, women’s football, and men’s football.

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