LEONARDTOWN, Md. –After being canceled in January because of the COVID-19 omicron surge, the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) recently hosted its 94th annual installation program, establishing new officers and recognizing longtime members for their many years of service.

Leonardtown VFD hosts this event every year to award members who placed in the top 10 in the department for the previous year and others like “Firefighter of the Year,” according to President Gary Bell. 

The department has a committee that chooses these members for the awards. Christopher S. Bell won the firefighter of the year award, attendance award, and chief’s award. Also, there were three members of the fire department and three members of the auxiliary honored for their 50 years of service, according to Bell.

Additionally, the chief appoints the new officers and creates a mission for the department. Meanwhile, administrative officers are appointed by the members of the department.

The event went smoothly and had a great turnout, but the biggest issue came down to scheduling problems, according to Bell. Usually, the program takes place on the first Saturday of January. The omicron surge spread swiftly throughout the county and affected everyone, including the department, he said. 

Some members became sick, which made the administrative office and the chief cancel the program until the surge passed. They decided in their February meeting to have the meeting in March.

Here is a list of those appointed and honored at the event:


President: Gary S. Bell, Sr.

Vice President: Keith A. Watts

Recording Secretary: J. Kevin Mattingly

Corresponding Secretary: Thomas A. Mattingly

Treasurer: George Kalnasy,Jr

Assistance Treasurer: Robert F. Miedzinski

Chief: Christopher S. Bell

LOSAP: William M. Watts

Line Officers

Chief: Christopher S. Bell

Asst. Chief: Mark J. Bell

Deputy Chief: John E. Trossbach

Engine Captain: Keith A. Watts

Squad Captain: Jared W. Trossbach

Truck Captain: Jonathan H. Mattingly

Engine Lieutenant: Ryan J. (R.J.) Abell

Squad Lieutenant: Stephen M. Norris

Truck Lieutenant: Scott McCloskey

Safety Officer: Matt McCloskey

Chief’s Aid: Christopher E. Smith

Engineer: J. Andrew Bell

Asst. Engineer: T. W. Bell

Asst. Engineer: John Padgett

Asst. Engineer: Warren I. Trossbach, Jr.

Asst. Engineer: Kenny Scully

Asst. Engineer: Gary Bell

Asst. Engineer: Charlie Cooksey

Asst. Engineer: Matt McCloskey

In Recognition of 50 Years of Service

Kenneth J. Scully

Diane Bell

(50 Years)

Carl B. Scully

Elizabeth Ann Burris

(50 Years)

George Kalnasy, Jr.

Denise Mattingly

Members Who Passed in 2020 – 2021

Leonardtown Fire Department

Karen Ann “Kay” Owens


Leonardtown Fire Department

Norman Pilkerton, Jr.

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