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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — The following letter comes from Mike Pecota of Lexington Park.

For the last 12 years, Todd Morgan has been Commissioner for Lexington Park and Great Mills.

He ran unopposed twice. This year, for the first time, there are two new faces vying to replace term-limited Morgan.

Scott Ostrow is a businessman. He works as a defense contractor and moved here from out of state. He believes his business experience will provide him with the skills to hold office. Mr. Ostrow serves on the Tri-County Council, has raised his children in St. Mary’s County, and is active in his church and community organizations. Todd Morgan is…

Actually, that entire paragraph describes him too. In fact, Mr. Morgan is the chair of the Tri-County Council, to which Mr. Ostrow was recently appointed. As far as this voter can tell, the only difference between Morgan and Ostrow is Ostrow supports the YMCA—something Morgan repeatedly voted against.

Note, however, that the final vote for fully funding that project will lie with the new commissioners elected in November. Can we count on Ostrow to continue supporting the YMCA if he is elected?

Steve Tuttle is a Navy Veteran. He is currently working for a contractor on base, but he doesn’t sit behind a desk in a suit. Every morning, Mr. Tuttle puts on his uniform and reports to a hangar on base where he spends his days as a self-described “wrench-turner.”

He is a proud member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Steve has worked diligently to support his community. This voter found videos from 2020 where Mr. Tuttle specifically asks the county commissioners for pay parity for our police officers.

“In order to have a safe and healthy community and society, you need to pay your police officers, your teachers, and your bus drivers…what they are due,” he said.

During the October 3rd candidate forum, Mr. Tuttle outlined quite deliberately that he absolutely supports our volunteer rescue squads. I’ve seen him at various rescue squad and fire department fundraisers, and I can tell he has a deep respect for these individuals.

At the same candidate forum, Mr. Ostrow agreed with Mr. Tuttle when saying he trusted educators to make the best decisions possible for the children they teach. More often than not, Mr. Ostrow said he agreed with what Mr. Tuttle responded. He even made a joke about it at the end of the debate!

So what is the difference between Ostrow & Morgan? This voter isn’t sure, but I can tell you there is a difference between Ostrow and Tuttle. Mr. Tuttle has shown care and dedication to his community through acts of service.

Mr. Tuttle has worked with the WARM program for several years, directly helping our homeless population. He serves on the Animal Control Advisory Board, which recently celebrated the opening of the new St. Mary’s County Animal Shelter. I would say he is more than ready for the job.

You can’t run the government like a business—governing is about the people. This November you have a choice.

Scott Ostrow will be four more years of Todd Morgan. Vote for Steve Tuttle and elect someone who focuses on people and who believes in strength in community.

Mike Pecota

Lexington Park, MD 

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  1. You notice how the terms are left off the ballots? It would be helpful if the terms were on the ballots. We could decide do we want them in office for 6 years, for 2 years, for 4 years? We would think twice about voting. As for the questions, those are permanent? Judges terms are not 2, 4 + 6 years.

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