TheBayNet Letter to the Editor

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — The following letter comes from Marilyn Crosby of Lexington Park.

“A Christmas tree depicts a wonderful journey into the past.  As I decorated my tree memories filled my mind.  First came the Angel I placed at the top. The Angel held a light in each hand that blinked on and off.  

My Mom could not stand the blinking.  After Mom passed the lights would stop blinking for long periods of time then start up again.  We decided when they stopped Mom was here, and when they started she had left.  

Next, I put up a wooden ornament signed love, Mom and Dad.  I felt their love as I put it on.

Then came the 75 year old lavender guilted one that had adorned Grandma’s little tree.  Mind movies of the wonderful Christmases flashed before my eyes.  I can still smell the chicken frying that she was making especially for me because I did not like ham.

I followed with the hand made cloth wreath, dove, and Christmas stocking my friend Carolyn made me.  I remember the night bowling bowling when she told me if I set my mind to something I could accomplish it.  I was 35 then and now at 76 those words helped guide me through my life.

I taught for 30 years. I received many ornaments from my students. I can still see their bright smiles as I opened their gifts.  My art teacher friend made her friends ornaments each year.  I have eighteen that are precious to me.  As I put on the wooden chocolate chip one, I thought  of her wonderful smile and her cheerfulness.

I started a collection of White House Ornaments for me and my mother.  They are issued by the White House Historical Association.  They are unique and beautiful and vary from year to year.  Some that I put on my tree include a White House, eagle, Christmas tree, wreath, State Dining Room, and helicopter. Ones from previous years can be purchased.

Last, I put up my two depicting the Assateague Light.  For three weeks every summer we fish near Chincoteague and Assateague.

These are many of my ornaments that take me onto a tremendous journey into the past every Christmas.  Many of the people I have referred to are gone. However, as you have seen, not forgotten.

Merry Christmas” 

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