PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – March 19, 2020 – The Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter and Calvert County Animal Control facility are closed to the public and volunteers as a precautionary measure to slow the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). There has been no indication of COVID-19 at the shelter. The closure is in effect until further notice, with the following adjustments:

• Intake through the shelter will only occur through the Animal Control Division.

• Owner reclamations and rescue transport will be conducted by appointment only.

• Drop-off donations will not be accepted. Monetary donations can be mailed to the shelter at 5055 Hallowing Point Road, Prince Frederick MD 20678.

• The volunteer program is temporarily suspended.

• Adoption inquiries can be made by phone or email.

• Animal traps will not be serviced at this time unless the animal was involved in a bite/scratch or had contact with a rabies vector animal.

• Citizens who find stray animals are encouraged to make a report on the lost and found page of the shelter website, and post notices about the animals on lost and found animal, social media pages. If citizens are unable to safely hold the animal, an animal control officer will still respond for pick up. The caller should be prepared to meet the officer outside with the animal.

• Animal Control officers will be responding to the following limited calls for service:

  • Aggressive animals at large/aggressive animal impoundments
  • Bite reports for situations that are in progress
  • Stray animals that cannot be kept safely until locating the owner
  • Investigations of animal abuse/neglect
  • Pick-up for specimens to be rabies tested
  • Trapping animals that are involved in bite/rabies exposure
  • Assisting partner agencies with animals

The animal shelter is holding a pet food donation drive during this time with the non-profit organization Give Me Shelter. The drive is to provide resources to local families struggling with the ability to feed their pets. Donations should be shipped to the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter at 5055 Hallowing Point Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. The donation plan is in effect until Calvert County government modifies operations or conditions, at which time updated information will be provided.

Staff will remain on site to care for animals and to sanitize and disinfect the facility. For questions, about animal control matters please contact 410-535-1600 extension 2526. For animal shelter matters contact them during normal business hours at 410-535-7387 or

The county continues to share the latest updates surrounding Calvert County’s response to COVID-19 through a virtual resource center on its website, including any precautionary measures, guidance and closures at