Local Leaders Express Concerns About Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

CHARLOTTE HALL, Md. – Since 1985, the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home has provided nursing care to many veterans and their spouses. Since 2002, the facility has been managed by South Carolina-based company HMR. In 2016, the company signed an eight-year deal with the state for approximately $341.7 million.

However, reports have come out revealing abuse and fights between residents taking place at the nursing home. The nursing home now has a one star review under its name, leaving questions as to how this was allowed.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore [D] has revealed he has been aware of mistreatment at the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, which currently houses approximately 267 people, since the first day he took office.

Now, the state is looking to end the current contract with HMR and place the veterans home under new management.

“The situation at Charlotte Hall is a product of years of poor oversight and mismanagement—a pattern that we are seeing all across the State of Maryland as our administration continues the work of rebuilding state government and identifying areas that require both immediate and long-term action,” Governor Moore stated in a press release. “We will be calling upon our partners in the legislature, our partners on this Board, our partners in local governments, and so many others to help us provide our veterans with the care and support that they need and deserve.”

Maryland State Delegate Matt Morgan [R] released a statement regarding Charlotte Hall in a post on Facebook.

“I am very saddened to learn that the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home has dropped to a 1-star rating by Medicaid. I was made aware of this at a meeting on Monday evening with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Woods. As a result, the State is terminating the contract, and Charlotte Hall will be placed under new stewardship. Before this meeting, my office had not received complaints about Charlotte Hall Veterans Home for nearly ten years, so news of this surprised me. Unfortunately, many nursing homes have suffered due to the covid precautions over the last few years. By barring access to visitors, the connection between caregivers and family members who usually would bring any issues to light has been profoundly weakened,” Moore stated. 

“The state procurement process can be cumbersome. Still, the Moore Administration, especially Secretary Woods, has a good handle on the situation and a solid plan for going forward. I support any effort to improve resident care and will continue giving Charlotte Hall my attention. I have always felt a responsibility to advocate for Charlotte Hall…Moreover, I am committed to working with the new stewards of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home and other stakeholders in the community to ensure that its residents receive the services they need and deserve. We should all be doing our part to bring back a safe and healthy environment for the residents of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. Our veterans deserve nothing less.”

Maryland State Senator Jack Bailey also stated his opinion in a Facebook post.

“I was deeply concerned and disappointed to learn this week that there are reports of residents having been mistreated at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. This morning, I participated in a special meeting of the Maryland Veterans Caucus to listen to an update from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs regarding their response to these reports. Over the past several years, I have advocated for additional State funding for the Veterans Home, including an ambulance to serve their residents. As part of these efforts, I have spent a substantial amount of time working with representatives of CHVH. I am incredibly disheartened that they did not bring any of these concerns to my attention sooner,” Bailey wrote. “All Marylanders deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, especially those who were willing to risk their lives fighting for our freedoms. I know that this is not a reflection of all who work at CHVH and appreciate those who have advocated and cared for our veterans. I thank Governor Moore and Secretary Woods for bringing this issue to my attention. Please be assured that I am committed to working with them and my colleagues in the General Assembly to ensure that the residents of CHVH receive the quality care that they deserve.”

It has been reported that state officials hope to award a new contract later this spring and remove HMR by June.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, I didn’t know that this was a veteran facility, I was informed of the situation, thank goodness the life of the residents will better.

    1. You didn’t know the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home was a veteran facility? What abou the name of the place confused you?

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