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HOLLYWOOD, Md. – Room2Luv is a non-profit organization that provides room makeovers for children who have chronic or critical illnesses. Since 2021, the organization has provided amazing room transformations for several children across the tri-county area.

On February 24, Room2Luv was able to provide not just a room makeover, but a basement makeover for a pair of twin boys from Hollywood. The recipients of this awesome gift were Cole and Jackson Thomas, two ten-year-old twins who have Duschenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Since they’re twins, the boys wanted to makeover their basement for a great play area and movie theater.

Credit: Room2Luv

“Although twins, the boys have very different interests. Cole is all about Top Gun and military aircraft and playing battle. Jackson loves everything about computer games, movies and his favorite animal, the Capybara,” Leanne Sanders, the Founder and President of Room2Luv, told

“We created a play area complete with a battle table, lego table, storage of their many nerf guns and military aircraft. We also created a one of a kind movie theater with a special light up, personalized theater sign by James Sparks and Sparks Custom Metals. The theater included a snack bar filled with movie candies and popcorn; real movie poster light boxes from an old movie store, LED lighting and a personalized mural of the boys’ favorite movie characters watching movies with them.  The boys’ dad is serving in the Navy. We created a bar area to display all of his Navy honors and recognitions. Lastly, Jackson requested a painting of capybaras to represent his family. Hilltop Graphics is creating that and it will be delivered in a couple of weeks.”

Credit: Room2Luv

Room2Luv was able to make this happen thanks to their sponsor for this project, the St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge #2092. The organization has received grants and donations from multiple fundraisers and many organizations in the past such as Bob and Margaret Payne, IET Corp, and CTSI.

The Thomas twins’ project had 23 volunteers who spent a combined 250 hours on the project. The planning and sourcing for the makeover took about three weeks, with the actual work within the basement taking five eight to ten hour days.

Credit: Room2Luv

Sanders explained how it felt to finally reveal the finished product to the twins.

“Every family we get to meet on this journey is special to us. For me personally, the reveal is extremely emotional. There hasn’t been a reveal yet which doesn’t leave me feeling blessed and honored to help these kids. Their smiles warm my heart in a way which is hard to put words to. It is a feeling I hope everyone can experience.”

Sanders also talked about the organization’s future goals.

“Ultimately we want to raise funds to help every child we encounter up and down the East Coast. R2L short term goals are 6-8 rooms per year. Long term, we would like to expand our teams and eventually do 24 rooms per year.”

To learn more about Room2Luv and to keep up with their future projects, visit their Facebook page.

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