Joint Base Andrews, MD – Joint Base Andrews, formerly known as Andrews Air Force Base, was on lockdown earlier today after a woman entered the base’s main gate around 5:15 pm and informed a security guard that she had a bomb tethered to her chest.

The woman was subsequently taken into custody while explosives experts scoured the scene. Ultimately, the experts deemed the threat to be baseless, causing the Base to issue an all-clear alert.

Base officials say that the area within the vicinity of the woman who made the threat was under lockdown as a precautionary measure. After being apprised of the situation, emergency response personnel arrived abruptly to the gate.

“Our people are our most valuable resource and we take every threat seriously,” said Col. Brad Hoagland, a Joint Base Andrews commander. “Our first responders train for these types of scenarios on a regular basis. Fortunately, this incident was diffused quickly and was determined to be a false-alarm.”