Loose Pit Bulls Kill Charles County Resident’s Horses

MARBURY, Md – A Charles County resident, Lila Jones, reported that earlier this month three pit bulls hopped the fence into her horse pasture and killed two miniature horses, both mares. Their names were Pinkie and Pampas (Pampas is the roan and Pinkie is the paint).

“The dogs had no collars. The scene was horrific, they did not eat the horses, but it was clear our ladies suffered terribly before they were finally overpowered.  The dogs stayed until morning when I came upon them while bringing the horses their morning food.  They stood and followed me to the gate, which I hopped while fleeing, and then remained in the pasture until animal control arrived.  They did not follow me beyond the fence I jumped.  I can only say I had the clear understanding I had to flee, the way they moved toward me when I ran made me feel like I had to get away as fast as I could,” Jones explained.

According to Jones “All three were captured without incident and no people were injured.  Animal control was professional, compassionate, and efficient. I have been very impressed with the animal control officers.”

Jones explained that they have 4 and 5 foot fencing around the entire pasture, they always lock gates, and covered stalls where the horses could get out of the weather but still come and go, so she never imagined the horses could be in any danger. 

“Although the dogs could hop the fence, the horses could not. They were trapped and had nowhere to escape the dogs. It must have been awful,” she said. 

Jones says the owner of the biggest of the three dogs has been identified. The other two were younger and smaller, and their owners have not been found.

There is a subpoena for the one identified owner to appear in the Animal Matters Hearing Board of Charles County.

Loose Pit Bulls Kill Charles County Resident’s Horses
Left is a black male Pitbull (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) mix. He is approximately 2 years old. He has not been neutered. Right is a black and white female Pitbull (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) mix. She is approximately 10 months old. She has not been spayed.

The two dogs whose owners have not been identified are pictured above, poster links below:



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  1. Why is the owner of the attacking pit bull not reported? This should be public information. Why have there been so many pit bull attacks lately in Charles County that are never reported in the news? I know of many dogs that have been killed in Nanjemoy in the last two weeks and it is not publicized. People deserve to know this is happening and with great frequency.

  2. You can look at the animals and tell they have been abused, neglected, and used for fighting. Absolutely unacceptable. These folks are out here destroying the credibility of a breed for their own enjoyment. These are the people that should not own dogs or any other animal for that matter.

    1. Credibility? The breed that has killed 500 people since 2005 in the US? Are you joking? These are not pets. Sure, 99 percent may never hurt a fly , but that 1% will kill you, your child, your grandmother, your neighbor, a shelter volunteer, a pony, a dog, a horse, a goat, a cow. Why take a risk with a fighting breed? The DNA plays out day after day, death after death. Ask the 22 year old who was pet sitting his brother’s four pit bulls last week in Wisconsin. He suffered tremendously, then he died.
      Educate yourself.

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