Jesse Richard Bowen Jr.
 Jesse Richard Bowen Jr., age 45
Jesse Richard Bowen Jr., age 45

CALIFORNIA, Md. – On May 3, 2022, at approximately 12:49 p.m., a two-car collision took place on Patuxent Beach Road, near the Thomas Johnson Bridge.

According to a preliminary investigation, Jesse Richard Bowen Jr., age 45, of Lusby, was traveling northbound on Patuxent Beach Road when his vehicle crossed the center lane and struck another oncoming vehicle.

When officers arrived, Narcan was administered to Bowen with a positive effect.

No injuries were reported.

A standard field sobriety test was conducted, in which Bowen did not perform satisfactorily.

Bowen was arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center and charged with:

driving a vehicle while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance, driving a vehicle while so far impaired by drugs that cannot drive safely, failure to drive a vehicle on the right half of roadway when required, and reckless driving.

This is a developing story.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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  1. With luck from God, he didn’t kill someone this time. Let’s hope there won’t be a next time! There’s been too many serious accidents lately in St. Mary’s County. People Get Smarter!

  2. Imagine driving down the road @ 45 mph then, out of nowhere, you’re slammed head on? This is why I mostly drive just over the right shoulder line to give myself an extra second or 2 to swerve.
    This clown should lose his license for 3 years then be on 5 years probation after that. Hopefully, we’ll hear what he gets real soon.

    1. If you actually would look at the photos, you would clearly see this was not a head on collision.

      1. If you would learn to read you would clearly see nobody cares what you think

      2. Baud9600 is right. Dumb Dog and his ilk are always voting in people who insist on allowing more & more dangerous substances to be legal. The more stoned they can make people, the more likely they’ll become democrats!
        Dumb Dog, you must be a real lonely person with a bunch of mirrors in your trailer so you can admire yourself all day long. You just can’t comment on the actual article because you think you’re so much smarter than everyone else on here but, as your “Best Friend” said, nobody cares!
        Look at the front end of the large SUV. That was mostly a head on for it. Either way they both came to a very quick stop so it’s a close to a head on as I need.

        1. Archie, there are two vehicles in this crash. The second vehicle has no front end damage. Follow your own advice and look at the article before you post.

        2. PS. I don’t really care what ignorant, stupid people whose entire life is defined by their political views and their hatred of America think of me.

          1. And that’s why you’re a hypocrite, because you reported those comments to the baynet and had them removed because you can’t handle it

  3. If I have the story correct Jesse had a cousin ,whom possibly died from a OD…

      1. Thanks , it was the brother (MB.)..I stand corrected ..
        There is as well another person that has been on Baynet that died >OD> and the brother still alive and still hooked on “H”

  4. My friend and her kids were in the car he hit!! Thank god or who ever they are ok.. Its unforgivable! He should put his kids in a car and let that happen to him. Then mabey he will learn a lesson. I predict we will see more bad things to come from this guy!

  5. “Big dogs best friend says: May 6, 2022 at 5:14 am You gonna make me? Didn’t think so
    I’m not going anywhere”

    If you have no interest in improving yourself or locating the source of your psychological issues, that’s on you. Why would I force you when I get so much enjoyment out of laughing at you and pointing out your lack of intelligence, maturity, etc.

    1. Why do you keep saying the same thing? Obviously you don’t enjoy it, you whine and stew about it, then report my comments to the site because your panties are in a bunch

      I’m not going anywhere until A. You come out from behind that phone or B. You get off this site

      1. Gee whiz am I supposed to be afraid? Golly, am I supposed to be shaking because someone who possesses the intellect of a box of rocks and the maturity level of a spoiled 5 year old girl “isn’t going anywhere”? OMG…I am laughing so hard at you–again!! What a great way to start my day!

        1. Another hypocrite response, cheez I’m scared, yet you won’t come out from behind your phone

  6. This POS used to date my mom, always has been a waste of air. Always will be, hope he rots 👍🏻💯

  7. “Big dogs best friend says: May 7, 2022 at 9:47 am And that’s why you’re a hypocrite, because you reported those comments to the baynet and had them removed because you can’t handle it” Since I didn’t report anything to Baynet and since your comments are nothing but immature, irrelevant and baseless, you once again prove how wrong you are.

    1. You did report my comments to the baynet, that’s why they were removed, you can keep lying all you want but I see right through it
      No I’m not going anywhere until you come out from behind that phone! I’m here to make you miserable and I’m quite enjoying it!

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