FORT WASHINGTON, Md. – A man has tragically died after jumping into the waters of the Potomac River and drowning near the town of Fort Washington.

According to authorities, the incident took place around 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 30, just south of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

According to what witnesses told authorities, the 37-year-old man, whose identity has not been released, jumped off of a boat that was anchored down and began to desperately call for help.

A nearby pedestrian tried to save the man’s life by throwing him a life jacket but it was of no use as he lost consciousness and went under. When he was pulled from the water, a bystander initiated CPR on him, but it was no use. He died soon after at a nearby hospital.

This incident was one of several similar incidents this week. One day prior, a 43-year-old man drowned off the coast of Sandy Point State Park in the Chesapeake Bay.

In addition to those two incidents, two women went missing near Richmond, Virginia, after a rafting accident sent them over a dam.

Authorities have since recovered the body of one of those women, the 23-year-old Lauren Winstead.

Police are still searching for the 28-year-old Sarah Erway.

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  1. The article says that it happened in Fort Washington “just south of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge”…

    Fort Washington is more than three (3) miles south of the Woodrow Wilson bridge. Honestly, just look at a map (Bing Maps is best because it has a “mile bar” on the lower-right part of the map.).

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