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Annapolis, Md. – Senate Minority Leader Steve Hershey and Senate Minority Whip Justin Ready issued the following statement responding to the Democrat Abortion Bill Package announced earlier today:

“What makes Maryland Democrats the arbiters of what is and is not a Constitutional right? On Tuesday, Marylanders were told that their Second Amendment rights do not apply in Maryland, and today, Marylanders and citizens from around the Country were told that everyone has the right to unrestricted abortion.

If the only rights and freedoms that matter are those in the Maryland Constitution, there are several others we would like to enshrine – such as the freedom to keep our families and communities safe, freedom from over taxation, and the freedom of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.

Apparently, last year’s bill that created a massive expansion of abortion services was not enough. While we have yet to fully vet the additional bills proposed today, we are certain that becoming the abortion capital of the United States is not something to aspire to or be proud of.

This Constitutional Amendment and related package of bills are just another sign that the Maryland General Assembly is becoming the playground of symbolic gestures – from the unconstitutional internet sales tax, the toothless Climate Solutions Act, to this week’s attempts to take rights away from law abiding gun owners. This Constitutional Amendment is unnecessary and only serves to placate those pushing the national progressive agenda.”

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  1. Republicans are only pro-life until birth. Don’t believe me? Look at the foster care system and underserved communities. They want to cut SNAP and other benefits, and barely want to support social services.

    1. FYI sidewalk counselors at abortion offices don’t expect to change anyones life in 2 minutes trying to talk them out an abortion. Its just a start, its day 1. I happen to think, also, being right- to- life is more than just intervention at the abortion office

  2. Why is it so important to the abortion industry that abortion be legal, either in the law or through the court system? Some\ many seeking abortion see the law as a morality gauge. They say if you’re in jail, you must have done something wrong + if you’re not in jail, you must not have done something wrong. The abortion industry depends on the legality of abortion not only so that the providers will stay- out- of- jail, but so their clients will think that abortion is an ok procedure to have. The abortion industry depends on abortion not being illegal\ being legal so that those that are considering having 1 will think its ok to do + its not immoral to do.

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