MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – For many years, the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department has had the same leadership line, but the people have changed. Every year they vote for the officers and three board of directors positions in December. The Mechanicsville VFD held an installation banquet for the newly appointed officers on Jan. 15. 

“We have not changed our leadership lineup in 88 years. The only thing that changes is the people,” John Montgomery, President of the administrative department, said.

 Mechanicsville has three departments to the officers which are the Board of Directors, Administrative and Operational. The Board of Directors manages the business and large purchase and budget of the department. The administrative department manages the day-to-day business and budget of the department. The operations are the ones managing the fire fighting. 

 Although there are new officers every year, they have the same goal. The officers will always look to make the job safer, so everyone can make it home after a long day of work. 

“Safety is our goal. We want to make sure everyone makes it home after every call while trying not to catch any of the viruses,” Montgomery said.

Currently, the officers did not disclose any specific plans on the matter, but all the departments agreed with their goals. Congratulations to the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department’s Board of Officers for 2022. 

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