LEXINGTON PARK, Md.– Daniel Humpleby, his wife and two children are currently living in a mold-infested apartment at Patuxent Crossing, and they are struggling to get help.

Daniel and his family have lived in these apartments since Habitat America started renovations two years ago. Since living in the apartment, Humpleby noticed the ceiling was leaking and dripping down the wall.

He notified maintenance on June 11, 2021, and they arrived in early July to check out the issues. However, Daniel believes their assessment of the situation was not genuine.

As a former handyman who worked as a carpenter, plumber and electrician, he noticed the mold as maintenance cut out a piece of the wall. After cutting out a piece of the wall, the maintenance person told Daniel and his family that it was not a problem, so he did not plaster the wall or bring masks for his family.

But Daniel trusted his expertise and went to a mold specialist.

Daniel had Richard Raines, a mold specialist at Raines Restoration, come by on July 16, 2021, and after examining the mold, Raines immediately recommended the family vacate the apartment.

“[Raines] came by here and said, Mr. Humpleby, you need to get out of this apartment now. By any means necessary, you need to get you, your children and your wife out of this apartment,” Humpleby explained.

After this warning, Humpleby contacted his apartment manager, but he says they have been unresponsive as of right now.

“The management here seems to not want to do anything to get us out of here,” Humpleby said. “The manager of our apartment office has not even called me. They have not come over to see what we need.”

Meanwhile, the health department, the county government, and the governor’s office have been unable to help him with the mold or take his phone calls.

“I’ve been sitting here sucking up all this mold in my lungs, and the health department can’t help me,” Humpleby said.

Additionally, the Humpleby’s apartment is having plumbing issues, which leads to their current bathtub being filled with muck, rendering it unusable at times.

The Humpleby family would move out of their apartment, but they have hit tough times. Daniel Humpleby is unemployed after being knocked off a truck in 2020 while at work, injuring his shoulder. Additionally, he has reached his limit with worker compensation benefits.

Currently, his family is living off one income to maintain their apartment, so this is one of the only places they can afford. They are seeking help to get rid of this mold for good or get them out of this apartment.

Patuxent Crossing has refused to comment on the situation multiple times. The management offered to upgrade the Humpleby family to a larger unit in the complex, but the family declined that offer following such a poor experience. Pressure from TheBayNet.com and other local news organizations has encouraged this action.

If anyone wishes to help the Humpleby family in their pursuit of a new residence, you can click HERE to see their GoFundMe. (EDITOR’S NOTE: the GoFundMe link has been updated and is working.)

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