LUSBY, MD – The Cove Point Liquefaction Project is advising motorists to plan for possible delays between 9 p.m. June 22 and 5 a.m. June 23 on Route 2/4 from the north end of the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge north to Cove Point Road. Delays also are possible on Cove Point Road from Route 2/4 to the entrance to the Dominion Cove Point LNG facility during the final stage of the heavy haul. 

Roadside electronic signs will be set up the night before along Route 2/4, Cove Point Road, Little Cove Point Road and Route 235 to advise motorists to expect delays during the heavy haul events.

The transport of the large loads depend on the timing of the barge arrival, which can be affected by delays at the port or weather conditions, and by the State Highway Authority permits, availability of support from Maryland State Police, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, local emergency responders and several other factors.  That is why the notification typically takes place 1-2 days prior to the actual heavy haul.  To minimize the impact of the heavy hauls, we do not want to prematurely announce a heavy haul that later will need to be rescheduled.

The possible delays are necessary for the large load transports that are an important part of the Dominion Cove Point Liquefaction Project. The largest pieces of equipment arrive by barge at the temporary pier at Offsite Area B in Solomons. From there, they are moved on specially designed transport vehicles to the terminal on Cove Point Road.

The transports travel north on Rt. 2/4 and at several points switch into the southbound lane, still traveling north, to avoid obstacles. Maryland State Police and Calvert County Sheriff’s Office will control traffic to maintain safe conditions. Maryland Route 765, HG Trueman Road, will remain open from Dowell Road north, paralleling Rt. 2/4. The transports then turn east on Rt. 497, Cove Point Road, and end at the Dominion LNG facility.

The process involves the Calvert County Sheriff, Maryland State Police, State Highway Administration and emergency responders to ensure each haul is conducted safely and with minimal impacts to the community and traveling public. The transports require permits from the State Highway Administration and are to occur at night, between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., to minimize impacts to traffic. For further information regarding Large Load transport information and other project updates, please send a request to or leave a detailed message at 410-286-5757.