National VFW Auxiliary President Visits Maryland To Discuss How To Help Veterans

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Jane Reape, the National President of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Auxiliary, visited Maryland last week to deepen her understanding of what Maryland can do to help better support our veterans.

Making her official visit to the state, Reape, alongside Maryland State President of the VFW Auxiliary Wayne LaFleur, visited many different locations around Maryland over two days.

Reape’s goal was to visit some of the members of the VFW Auxiliary here in Maryland and see if she could help them in any way. One of her main concerns was to ensure we can start placing our veterans in higher-quality nursing homes.

“The one thing right now that is foremost in my thoughts is the VA contracts for nursing homes,” Reape told

“If a veteran needs a nursing home or assisted living, and there isn’t room in the VA facility, then they contract. Some of the facilities that they contract with are not the nicest. So, one of my goals is to make sure that our veterans are placed in decent facilities… I know Wayne, and I’m sure that Maryland is in good hands.”

LaFleur elaborated more on this priority.

“The VFW Auxiliary has an action that sends out alerts, and we have a legislative chairman that pushes for these types of improvements and to make sure that we’re doing this,” LaFleur explained. “We want to take care of our veterans, they have paid the ultimate price, and they should get rewarded for what they’ve done.”

Veterans are near and dear to Reape, as military service runs in her family.

Her husband served in the Air Force for 22 years, one son has spent four years in the Navy, another son is retired from the Air Force, a granddaughter is currently in the Air Force, and she has a grandson in the Army.

During her two-day visit, Reape and LaFleur toured the United States Naval Academy, the State Capital, and had a few dinners and meetings with members.

Reape mentioned that her favorite part of her visit was meeting and spending time with members from Maryland. 

She said she also really enjoyed Annapolis, but wants to keep that a secret from her Air Force and Army family.

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