CALIFORNIA, Md. — We are receiving reports this evening of a vehicle crash that has fortunately left no injuries.

At approximately 9:15 p.m. on September 12, first responders were called to Three Notch Road, in the area of Patuxent Beach Road, for a report of a single vehicle which had overturned.

Upon arrival, crews located the driver of the vehicle who had managed to self-extricate.

Minor injuries were initially reported following the crash, however the patient would eventually sign a care refusal after being checked by EMS on the scene.

Use an alternate route or avoid the scene if possible.

This is a developing story. We will continue to provide additional details as they are made available.

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  1. Lucky! It was wet tonight and this could truly have been an accident but this area from 235 to the bridge needs to be like the Calvert Side, 45 mph with visible police daily so drivers start slowing down. The speed limit here is 50 and most drivers go much much faster. It’s very dangerous.

    1. No it isn’t dangerous. Most accidents are due to being distracted and not paying attention. Not due to speed. Of course if they are speeding and on their phone they won’t tell you that so speed will be listed as the cause when it wasn’t. Speed does not need to be lowered.

    1. Are you from this area? Three Notch is the road most traffic travels on. It’s 30 some miles long. Of course it isn’t a surprise being the main travelled highway here. You aren’t very smart and that is no surprise either.

  2. Your are absolutely right, people traffic like a maniac heading to and from the bridge on the St Mary’s side.

  3. It was an unfortunate accident. They happen. Maybe a lesson was learned on the part of the driver, and what is really important, is that no one including the driver, was hurt. Everyone should be thankful for that.

  4. It was an unfortunate accident, but accidents happen. Maybe a lesson was learned from this for the driver and what is most important is that the driver wasn’t killed, and don’t injure or kill someone else in the process.

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