CHARLOTTE HALL, Md. – An officer with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is being hailed as a hero for a simple act of kindness that’s gone viral.

Back on October 5, Cpl. Gray Maloy, stopped traffic on Golden Beach Road in Mechanicsville. While stopping traffic would usually draw the ire of citizens, this time they heaped praise on the officer.

Maloy stopped traffic to assist a man in a wheelchair who was attempting to cross the busy road. Several citizens snapped photos Cpl. Maloy’s act of kindness as he pushed the man’s wheelchair across the road and on to his final destination. 


When the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office shared the images on Facebook, citizens chimed in to praise the sheriff’s office and its deputies.

One commenter said, “Wonderful act of selfless love and service. St. Mary’s has some of the finest men and women in blue. God bless you all.”

Another added, “This is pretty typical behavior of our St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Deputies.”

People who know Cpl. Malloy were quick to say that it was typical behavior from him as well. “I met Cpl. Malloy when he was at LMS. He’s tough but got a big heart so this doesn’t surprise me!”

Another said, “I have known him since we were all 17. Great guy! He is one of the good ones!”

Perhaps this commenter summed it up best, “Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a badge.”

Pushing wheelchair

So far, the touching story has been shared over 200 times from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Facebook page and received over 700 reactions, all of them positive.