St. Mary’s County player wins over $22,000 in one day

Sometimes Lady Luck’s light shines on you all day! That’s what happened to “Little Dawn” of Mechanicsville, who played several lucky rounds of Keno last week.

Her first win came as the 23-year-old sat down to have breakfast with her real estate business partner.

“My business partner accidently got a 10-spot Keno ticket,” said “Little Dawn.” “He almost threw it away and I encouraged him to play it. I told him, ‘There are no accidents! We play what we get!’”

Because of her steadfastness, they played the ticket and wound up splitting a $12,000 prize. Then, they went to work and told their co-workers about their good fortune. Later that night, still feeling great from her earlier win, “Little Dawn” decided to play again after eating dinner with her husband. The lucky lady stopped at St. Mary’s Landing restaurant in Charlotte Hall and won an additional $16,000.

“I had a good feeling all day — even before the first win. I went in and played 10 draws using a combination of family member’s birthdays, so this win is really special to me,” said “Little Dawn.”  She hit eight of the 10 numbers on her ticket for a $400 prize and, because she added the Super Bonus feature, saw the 4X multiplier quadruple her prize.

“I showed my husband after the numbers came over the screen and we shouted,” she said. “These last couple of days have been amazing.”

Our St. Mary’s County winner plans to use her $16,000 prize for several different purposes. She will buy Ariana Grande concert pit passes to give to the daughters of a close family friend. She also ordered a septic tank truck for a new business venture. And, she has big plans for the holidays. “Christmas is about to be nice!” noted “Little Dawn.”

Sharing in her luck is her favorite Lottery retailer, St. Mary’s Landing located at 29935 Three Notch Road in Charlotte Hall. The restaurant earns a bonus of $160, equal to 1 percent of the prize, from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more.

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