MORGANZA, Md. – At approximately 9:52 a.m., police, fire and rescue personnel responded to the single motor vehicle accident on Coltons Point Road in the area of Chopticon High School.

Crews arrived to find the red GMC Sonoma pick-up with one injured.

Witness on the scene stated the male driver, around 30 years-old fell asleep and went off the road into a ditch and went airborne and landed on its roof.

Police on the scene reporting one patient with a head injury. MEDEVAC has been requested for the patient. Landing zone will be at the high school. Park Police helicopter Eagle One enroute to the scene. ETA on the helicopter is 10:38 a.m..

Eagle One landed and met with Seventh District Volunteer Rescue Squad ambulance 597 in the bus loop area for transport to PG Trauma Center.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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