Under Maryland state law, what constitutes the term “rape in the first degree” is engaging in sexual intercourse with another person without his or her consent (by force, using weapons, inflicting serious physical injury, threatening with death or injury, kidnapping and help doing so during a burglary). The definition of sexual intercourse is heterosexual intercourse involving penetration of the vagina by the penis. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary)

Therefore, a male cannot be raped in the state of Maryland if done by another male. It is considered sexual assault, which holds lesser punitive action than the conviction of rape of first or second degree. Also, if a female is sodomized without consent, it is still not considered rape under these laws.

Call it what it is – rape. Any form of sexual assault on anyone is rape. That is a violation of someone’s basic human rights.

As a community, we have the power to change this law. We have the power to protect our children, our women and our men who could possibly be violated. There is a petition in place to Governor Larry Hogan’s office to get this Maryland State law changed and it only needs 1,000 signatures for consideration. 350 more signatures is all this petition needs to be recognized. Please take a moment to click the link and sign up.

The only closure we can give these victims is Justice.

To sign the petition, visit:

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