Opinion: 'The Marvels' Movie Is Grasping
Credit: Marvel.com

On November 9th, Marvel’s latest box office hit The Marvels came out. They are trying to save the franchise. Whilst it is a great franchise, what they have done is an abomination to film.

The cinematography has always been great, and it is lovely in this movie. But the character of Captain Marvel is just not equitable to the other superheroes they have concocted over the years. 

It is beautifully shot, but the storyline just does not compare to the other storylines that the film deserves. There is no meaning behind the meaning. There is no moral to the story. You would waste your time, money, and intelligence by sitting through this.

I do not get pleasure out of giving a bad review to “The Avengers” because I do enjoy “The Avengers” enterprise films. But the casting was incorrect, and the story was weak. This is just another example of how Hollywood is so greedy about making money. 

Movies should have meanings behind meanings. They should have a moral behind the story, and a great example would be Silver Linings Playbook because it makes a connection, and it teaches you a lesson. It connects you to people and it helps you get away from the worries of your life. That is what entertainment is for. We need to learn how to be kinder to one another. This movie does not do that.

Yes, she is a superhero, but it does not really teach us anything about ourselves or one another and that is a failure. 

We reach out to entertainment to take ourselves away from the disappointments and the hurt that we feel in ourselves and that’s an industry that will always go on and on, and on. This did not do us justice.

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