This is a letter from one of our Parents/PTA Members.

A letter still has not come home from school stating that there has been another change as of Sept 17. Many parents of Ridge School have no idea what is going on and I am sure that many of them read This letter that was sent to Dr. Martirano and the board of education. We (parnets of Ridge Elem.) are going to the BOE meeting on Moakley Street on Wed 9/26 at 6 p.m. to voice our comcerns to the BOE. We could us all the support that we can get.

Leave ‘Miss Amy’ at Ridge School.

I could not believe that the County Times had an article with a statement from Kelly Hall saying that nobody was disgruntled with the final decision made at Ridge School. The only reason they may not be disgruntled is because no one has informed them of the final decision!

As of this date, no note has come home from Ridge school informing the parents of the final decision….why is that? It only took one day to get a letter about the initial decision! Did someone think that the initial decision was wrong? I believe Mrs. Kerner made her decision based on what was best for the school, its students, and the community!

Sincerely, Dawn Gatton Ridge Parent/PTA member

Dr. Martirano: I am writing this letter as a concern for the latest issues at Ridge Elementary School.

On Wednesday, 12 September, Principal Kerner sent home a letter to all Ridge Elementary School parents informing us of a decision that was made to transfer two staff members to Carver Elementary for a 5th Kindergarten class.

On Thursday, we learned by word of mouth that Mrs. Kerner was told she had to change her decision and appoint a different Paraeducator to go to Carver. On Friday, Mrs. Amy Ridgell was verbally informed that she had been chosen to go to Carver.

To date, no letter has come home to inform the parents of the change. Why would someone who has given more time and energy to Ridge Elementary School be chosen to transfer to another school?

Mrs. Ridgell is a major support beam at Ridge Elementary School. In the 7 years Mrs. Ridgell has been at Ridge, she has always been actively involved in making Ridge school a better place! She headed up a program to help needy families at Ridge. Anytime she has seen a need, she has jumped to the opportunity to get a resolution. She has held positions on the Ridge PTA as President, Vice-President, and Secretary, and did a tremendous job! As Ridge PTA President, she played a major role in ensuring the construction of the new gymnasium and kindergarten room, as well as the expansion and resurfacing of the parking lot. She has always gone “the extra mile” and well beyond for the school and children of Ridge.

When I told my child that Miss Amy was being transferred, he became very upset. He asked me “Who is going to look out for me now?” and stated “Miss Amy is the only person who plays with us during recess”. The children at Ridge School love and respect Mrs. Ridgell. It is very obvious that she loves being at Ridge. She knows the children and can associate with them on every level.

A former colleague told me that Mrs. Ridgell was the person who “taught” her class while she was on maternity leave and she knew she didn’t have to worry about a thing. You can place Mrs. Ridgell in any classroom under any situation in Ridge School and she will prevail. Mrs. Ridgell is not just act