pet of the week momo

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Are you someone who dreads spring pollen? Are you someone who always has to have a Kleenex on hand? If so, meet your spirit animal, Momo!

Momo is a super sweet old lady cat who is looking for someone to love her just the way she is. Momo is a chronic sneezer but is otherwise a happy, normal senior kitty. Sometimes she will go for several days with no sneezing, other times you can hear her from the other room. Most likely, Momo’s chronic sneezing is caused by a herpesvirus infection. While herpesvirus is chronic, we have ways to manage her clinical signs and ensure that she still has a great quality of life. Feline herpes is not contagious to any other species and the vast majority of cats have already been exposed to feline herpes at some point in their lives.

Momo absolutely LOVES affection and everyone she meets. She also loves wet food that’s heavy on the gravy. Momo is looking for a special home to take care of her special needs (chronic upper respiratory infection). Momo is available to go home with you today! Phone: 410-535-7387

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