Police Identify Suspects In Dunkirk Bank Robbery
Pictured Top L to R: C. Moore, S. Moore
Bottom L to R: Brown, Blacknell

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On Monday, May 1, 2023, Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Bureau arrested and charged four suspects in connection with the armed bank robbery of the M&T Bank located at 10090 Southern Maryland Blvd. in Dunkirk, MD.

Cedric Fonta Moore, age 39, Silas Moliek Moore, age 37, Jamel Anthony Brown, age 31, and Donise Sarah Blacknell, age, 26, all of Washington D.C., have all been charged with Armed Robbery and Possession of a Firearm During a Felony.

Additional charges are pending.

The citizen that was injured during the pursuit has been released from Shock Trauma and is home recovering with his family.

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  1. So our neighbors from the North think they can come down to the boonies, rob a bank, and high tail it back up Rt. 4. Guess again. Cheers and ‘attaboy’ to the officers and dispatchers of the CCSO. Unfortunately an uninvolved resident was seriously injured in the pursuit. Prayers for a complete recovery. Lock these losers up and throw away the key.

  2. Give them the death penalty. That’s all they deserve. And their NoK should be financially responsible for the victim for the remainder of the victims life.

    But, sadly these four idiots will be out in a day or two with a light sentence and will be doing this. This is the problem. You want to stop the violence? Stop the crime? Start keeping these dirtbags in jail. Quit letting them off easy.

    Governor Moore, I’m looking at you. Since you are taking away my rights.

    1. Good luck. The only thing we, as tax paying and law abiding citizens, will continue to get the shaft from our legislators and from any and every criminal who sees the big gaping hole in our judicial system right now. We are practicing proper & effective firearm training all throughout our house.

  3. Lets see if Ms. Blacknell has that goofy grin on her face 5 years into her stay on the cell block. Isn’t bank robbery an offense handled by the Feds?

  4. And soo did the court commissioner let them out ? Violent individuals like this need to be held on NO BOND !! Prosecutors need to stop plea bargaining. Judges need to ensure a fair trial. when/if the accused is found guilty, the Judges sentence should reflect their commitment to protect the law-abiding citizens.

  5. Wes Moore will have them out in no time. Anthony Brown will be looking at the Police Accountably to see if the Deputies did everything correct.

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