WALDORF, Md. — On October 18 at 3:16 p.m., school authorities at J.P. Ryon Elementary School notified the school resource officer about a juvenile male in the parking lot with what appeared to be a gun.

A parent who was waiting in the car rider line saw the juvenile place the gun in his backpack while walking from John Hanson Middle School to J.P. Ryon. This occurred during the dismissal of J.P. Ryon students.

Officers located the juvenile in front of the school and recovered a water bead gun from the juvenile’s book bag.

The gun had been painted black and looked like an assault rifle.

There was an orange magazine in the gun containing water beads.

The juvenile’s parent was contacted and responded to the school.

Through further investigation it was discovered the juvenile, age 13, hid the gun outside, between John Hanson and J.P. Ryon, on his way to school this morning.

The juvenile recovered the gun at the end of the day while on his way to J.P. Ryon, to pick up two relatives.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Cpl. Tyner at 301-609-3282 Ext. 455.

The investigation is continuing.

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