Police Seize Ghost Gun During Traffic Stop In La Plata
Police Seize Ghost Gun During Traffic Stop In La Plata

LA PLATA, Md. – On March 16, 2022, at approximately 7:34 p.m., a La Plata Police Officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Crain Highway and Charles Street.

Upon approaching the vehicle an odor of marijuana was detected emanating from the vehicle. When officers asked the occupants to exit the vehicle, the passenger attempted to push an officer aside and flee the scene. After a brief struggle the passenger was detained. Officers located a loaded .40 caliber Polymer-80 handgun (commonly referred to as a ghost gun with no serial number) on his person.

Officers arrested Cedric Tyrone Ford, 18-years old, of Waldorf. Mr. Ford is currently being held at the Charles County Detention Center.

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  1. Is it illegal to own a firearm with no serial number? Or was the offense that the individual was illegally carrying a loaded firearm in his vehicle?

    1. P80 pistols are 100% legal. The charge is the unlawful transport of a loaded firearm. Love how they twist things around

  2. It is not illegal to make your own firearm if you are legally allowed to own gun already. It is illegal to sell “ghost guns” once you have completed made it firearm but that’s always been the case. People getting caught with them are criminals that can’t have firearms anyway so bs idea of make ghost guns illegal when they have been around to stop crime is just that bs.

  3. No, but being under 21 years of age and possessing handgun is illegal. Cops have probable cause to search vehicles that smell of marijuana. He didn’t help his situation by trying to flee (“Push past the officer”) the scene. Also in Maryland you can not carry a load hand gun in you vehicle unless your a conceal carry holder.

    1. So why the”Police Seize Ghost Gun…” headline? The fact that the firearm was not serialized has nothing to do with the individuals right to possess the firearm…

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