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DUNKIRK, Md. — The Midterm Elections in Maryland are just around the corner, meaning several state senate seats will be contested on November 8th. One of the more high-profile races is in Legislative District 27, where incumbent Michael Jackson[D] will run for a second term against several others.

Jackson, 59, was appointed in 2021 to replace the late Senator Thomas V. Miller Jr., who tragically passed away at the beginning of the year.

Jackson currently serves as the Deputy Director of Administration and Support Services for the Prince George’s County Department of Homeland Security. He has spent much of his career working for public safety and serving in the Marine Corps. He has also worked for the Prince George’s County Sheriff and the Department of Homeland Security.

When asked by TheBayNet.com why he ran for office, Jackson replied, As a young man, I joined the Marine Corps, and that time helped to inspire my dedication to service. I have also been fortunate enough to have a career in the public safety field and to ascend to the rank of Sheriff of Prince George’s County. I believe that experience, along with my experience as an elected member of the Maryland General Assembly, has uniquely equipped me to represent the interests of Southern Maryland in Annapolis.”

He says his service to the Marines is one of his greatest achievements, as well as earning his M.S. in Management from John Hopkins, his B.S. in Technical Management/Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry, and his Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies from St. Mary’s Seminary and University. He has also served as P.G. County Sheriff.

His proudest accomplishment, however, will always be marrying his wife Kim and being a father to his son Aaron.

Jackson believes the biggest issues that Maryland is facing right now are rising inflation and tax-related burdens.

“As a legislature, the General Assembly must do everything within its power to mitigate rising costs for goods and services and to provide tax incentives that improve the quality of life in our communities.”  

When it comes to making some worthwhile changes to solving these issues, Jackson has stated that it is important for the state to lower taxes and invest more in education and retirees.

“As a veteran, public service professional, and grandfather my priorities typically revolve around the issues that I understand the best,” Jackson explained. “I care deeply about reducing the tax liabilities for those who chose to protect our communities (including our military service members and our police, fire, and emergency services members). I also care deeply about working to ensure the educational success of students regardless of where they live. And lastly, it’s a high priority of mine that the state does more to provide for retirees and ensure that they can maintain the way of life that they deserve in retirement.”

As for his current expectations, Jackson thinks the easy part of the job will be listening.

It’s not hard to meet people where they are and to find the issues that matter most to them.”

The most difficult part would be finding consensus in complicated situations.

“Most of the time, issues aren’t black and white, and you have to find innovative ways to get people the services that they need.”

Jackson says that since childhood, he was taught to live by the Golden Rule. That rule is, “to treat others the way that I want to be treated. I strive to live by that model and to always try to help people the way that I’d want to be helped if I were in need.”

Jackson concluded his talk with The BayNet by explaining why voters should vote for him. He also left some final words relating to the coming election. 

“I believe that my track record of service has uniquely prepared me to serve the interests of Southern Maryland in the Maryland General Assembly. I understand our community and will do everything within my power to protect our interests in Annapolis.” 

It is an honor to stand as a candidate for office and to ask my friends and neighbors for their support. I extend that request to everyone taking the time to read this piece. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to serve through the years and I hope to be elected again to continue to work to improve our communities over the next four years.”

Other information regarding his campaign can be found at his website www.Fomajackson.com.

Contact our news desk at news@thebaynet.com 

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  1. On Tuesday let’s tell ALL demonicrats including Michael Jackson to beat it, just beat it!!!

  2. Voting red means you WILL lose your right to choose. Don’t worry you will still have your guns. BC a lot of Blue folks have guns too!

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