ANNAPOLIS, MD – The latest quarterly Morning Consult poll shows Gov. Hogan holding a 66 percent job approval rating among Maryland voters. This rating maintains his spot as the second most popular governor in the country for the fourth straight quarter.

“It is a testament to his independent, bipartisan style and the progress Maryland is making under his leadership that voters of all political stripes continue to give Gov. Hogan such high job approval marks,” said Campaign Manager Jim Barnett. “The politicians in Washington would do themselves a favor by watching how Gov. Hogan is successfully showing the way to functional, productive, competent governance that is worthy of the people he represents.”

Today’s Morning Consult poll marks the fourth straight quarter Gov. Hogan has earned the second highest gubernatorial approval rating in the country, a spot he has occupied for five out of the last six Morning Consult polls. It is the seventh straight Consult poll during his term where Hogan has occupied a spot in the top three.

Morning Consult is the latest in a long string of polls showing Gov. Hogan with sky-high job approval among Maryland voters. A Gonzales poll from mid-January put his job approval at 71 percent.