LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — Johnny Martin is back home with his family for Christmas. His loving family welcomed him back this morning after he was finally released from Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home.

Just last week, his daughter Ashley Milburn wasn’t sure the family reunion would happen any time soon. She posted an emotional online plea detailing her concerns about her father’s care and frustration about the lack of communication from staff at the facility.

The 61-year-old Navy vet suffered a debilitating stroke back in August. He was scheduled to be released at the beginning of December but he tested positive for COVID. Ashley was afraid it would be months before her father could come home back to his family.

But after her video went viral and TheBayNet contacted the nursing home’s corporate parent, things began to change. 

Ashley’s mom, Tracey Martin told us Friday, “I called last night and they put me right to the nurses’ station. I called this morning and I got the head of nursing.”

Johnny Martin was finally released this morning. As his masked-up family waited outside to greet him, one of his caretakers at the nursing home told the family, he was incredibly excited to know his family was there to bring him home.

And within a few minutes, he was home where his grandchildren waited to greet him. Ashley Milburn thanked everyone who shared her video. “Prayers and shares made the best Christmas present for our family!”