I am a calvert county resident and have had kids in the school system here for 11 years. I have been through my share of incidents with my 2 boys but have encountered my first bad experience with my six year old daughter yesterday. My daughter is a first grader at Dowell Elementary.  I received a phone call from the VP telling me that Brianna was helfe in the office for most of the afternoon regarding a comment she had made to another student a few days prior. I was told that she told another student  she was going to kill them. I immediatley knew that she was only joking when she swaid this!!! I asked the vp if she thought it was only said jokingly and I was told yes, i believe so!  This is basically all I was told at this point. My daughter got off the bus , walked into my house and I couldn’t believe what i was seeing! Her eyes were swollen from crying and she was still doing the “gasping” that you do when you have been crying for awhile. We sat right down and started going over what had happened.  She began to tell me that she was pulled from recess by another teacher and made to sit I’m this teachers room until the end of recess when she was finally led to the office. She did not want to talk to anyone about the incident so she sat in a chair in the principals office until she decided to talk . By this time she is crying, no phone call to me and I’m told this started at about 2:00.  She was finally taken to speak to the principal and told the principal what she had said and assured her that she was only joking that she did not mean she would really hurt him.  She was then asked about her “home life”.is anyone at home mean to you? She amswered “my brother is sometimes”…she was then asked where are mom and dad when this is going on, are they around? I was livid at this point that it “went there” from her making an inappropriate comment to someone. But she continued to tell me that they called the other students into the office that also heard the comments and made a good friemd of hers sit beside her and tell on her…yes, after she had already admitted to saying it!!  This happened twice! This horrified me!!!! The fact that my parenting was questioned to my six year old, the fact that she was treated with disrespect, it horrifies me!!! I also so angry that these other students were made to tell on a classmate in front of them.  How do you justify putting 6 year olds in this position? How do you justify not calling the parent of a six year old and holding her in the office for 2 hrs asking her about her life at home over an innocent comment? Do not get me wrong, I know what she said was inappropriate but to all that know my daughter know that she would never intentionally hurt anyone!! How do you justify treating her this way? This is the problem, noone will or can justify this to me. I email jack smith the super of cc schools, I of course get pushed onto someone else who calls me asks me what happens and about the only response I get it ” well as ling as you do understand what she did was wrong!” Really?  I have yet to speak to the super as I’m told he is very busy with meetings….!  I feel like I am being treated like I am making a big deal out of nothing!! My daughter was treated in a way that makes me sad, angry and I feel like it should be addressed! Guess we will see what happens, but my guess is….nothing!!!

Tracy, Calvert County