The Governor of Maryland believes you have too much money and he’s just the guy to take it from you. After the surplus he inherited was squandered by overspending for one year, the state now faces a deficit.

Governor Martin O’Malley (Governor O’Taxem) says he wants to reform Maryland’s income tax structure “making the income tax fairer for working families.” However, the working families, retirees, and the poor are the ones who will finance that reform.

The Governor wants to increase and expand the state sales tax. Be ready to pay more for the same goods and services needed to raise a family. One plan out of several includes increasing the state sales tax by 20% (from 5% to 6%) and applying the sales tax for the first time to services, such as haircuts, automotive repair, dry cleaning, and tax preparation. Even gasoline and cigarette taxes will increase. Not satisfied with new and increased taxes, look for state related fees to also rise.

A few of the Governor’s lawyer friends like Senator Mike Miller, Representative Steny Hoyer, and Delegate Joe Vallario can relax in the sun since services such as lawyer fees are exempt. The hardworking families are the ones the governor will soak. He even wants to call-in the legislature for a special session next month (November) to begin taxing you sooner than would be possible under normal budget processes. The annual three-month General Assembly session starts in January.

At a time when questions exist about the soundness of the economy; individuals having difficulty with mortgage payments and recent 50% increases in electricity, increasing taxes (taking money from the working and retired families) is the worst possible insult.

The Maryland & Washington major news media may be biased towards the governor. Don’t you also think as a private citizen it is time for a true grass-roots campaign? An alternative budget proposal exists that balances the budget without taxing working families. Will you ask the governor to work in a bipartisan manner? Call, write, e-mail the elected officials and simply say, “O’ No!” Tell Governor O’Taxem, “No New or Increased Taxes.” If not, then perhaps you’re ok with having less money.

Contact: Governor O’Malley, 45 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 Toll Free: 877.634.6361 Governor E-mail website: