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CALIFORNIA, Md. — In the current housing market, sellers are asking, where have all the buyers gone? 

As Realtors® with Century 21 New Millennium, Chris Hill and Mark Frisco constantly answer questions about the current housing market. Although they don’t typically discuss market stats on “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” the recent election may have impacted a spike in the market that sparked the conversation. 

“I think this is the first time in my career that I felt the midterm elections,” Chris mentioned. “I felt an uptick right after it was over. The week after the elections, my phone started to ring again. Things are happening,” replied Mark. 

If you are a seller, Chris and Mark mentioned that now is not the time to get discouraged. 

“And some people say, ‘The market is so bad. You know, it’s a horrible time to sell a house.’ So not true, because the reality is if we were to go back even further, two or three years, we’re still up 20% (of value),” said Mark.  

So where are all the house buyers? “They are waiting on the sideline,” explained Mark.

“Condition is super important in this market. The inventory situation doesn’t mean anything. The buyer now has a little more control. They are a little bit more in the driver’s seat,” Chris said. 

Mark replied, “They’re pickier. They’re pickier because, guess what, if I’m going to go from spending $1,600 to spending $3,200, I better be darn sure I don’t have to do anything to the house. It better be everything that I want.” 

Mark ended the podcast by stating, “Buyers have to understand that the payment today is temporary. If you look at history, with a rate spike like we have had, historically, rates will come down again. And when they do, you can refinance, and you can get rid of that payment. But the deal that we can negotiate today lasts forever.” 

Watch the video or listen to the podcast to get a full understanding of where they stand in the housing market.


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  1. The mid-term elections caused an uptick in buyer interest??? Wow. The election was on Tues Nov 8th. Rates did not change on 11-9. On 11-10, the latest CPI numbers were released and they were below expectations. The Dow jumped 1200 points that day. More importantly interest rates on the 10 yr US Treasury dropped 30 bps, in one day! They have dropped another 14 bps since. Interest rates on 30 yr mortgages dropped 50 bps over the next two weeks. The election had nothing to do with anything.

    1. As soon as you get put in your place you run and tell on everyone, but it’s perfectly fine for you to do that

      You’re an absolute waste of air you coward

      1. As I have stated so many times, you and you alone are responsible for the content of your posts. I don’t report you or anyone. I’d prefer your posts stay up.

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