MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – Bert Gagnon, and his wife Margie, took one last trip down memory lane as they dismantled their 37-year-old collection of license plates, photographs, and 1950s memorabilia. 

Bert’s 50s Diner, a unique Southern Maryland restaurant, recently sold to Busy Corner Buggies, leaving the family no choice but to remove their belongings and auction off what’s left. 

On July 4, 2022, Bert & his family invited friends and fans to see the building one last time, share stories, and take home the years of memories that once flooded the interior walls. 

By the end, the restaurant had become a time capsule of not only the ’50s aesthetic but also how one family transformed a business over time. 

Bert shared stories of the building’s evolution and how, through the construction, they “never missed a meal.” 

Bert stored some of his favorite memories on those walls. Like how an old-time photographer asked Bert to dress up in a Western-themed photo shoot because the photographer thought he looked like John Wayne.

Bert’s Western-themed photo hung seamlessly next to other John Wanye memorabilia. However, after Bert told his story, they removed the photograph as a keepsake.

In Bert’s eyes, not all is lost. He asks that everyone who wishes to continue support visit his daughter Debbie Buckler’s restaurant, The Foxy Fish. The Foxy Fish is located in Mechanicsville, one mile north of Bert’s 50s Diner.

Since announcing the closure, the community has sought to capture their memories as an outpour of vintage car owners rolls through to take one last picture in front of the iconic rooftop hot rod.

Only time will tell what building features the new owners will leave behind. 

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  1. We would love to get one of the table and chair sets. They hold a special place in our hearts. Is it possible a customer could buy it or will it be auctioned to businesses?

    1. Hes selling them on 7/9 for $400 a set if a wobbly legged table and 4 chairs thousands of people have farted on appeals to you for that price.

  2. We took our kids to Bert’s every school year on the night before their first day . As they moved on to college , my husband continued this tradition with me as I am a teacher . Berts was also our oldest sons first job . Oh how we will miss this place .

    1. It’s a free country still for now… they put it up for sale, someone bought it… they can do with it what they please.

      If you wanted it left alone you should’ve bought it.

  3. My cousins took me to Bert’s when I was visiting US from Australia. We are both big Elvis fans and loved the Elvis room. It was a highlight of my holiday. I have great memories of Bert’s!

  4. Dad used to take my friends and I here. I am so heartbroken this is happening but everything happens for a reason. This time capsul also held many fond memories I had with my dad. It’s OK to let the beautiful things go and if you cry they must’ve been gorgeous.

    1. Please come on Sat., July 9th, between 11:30 – 3:00 if you would like to buy a set. We are selling one for $400. Thanks for your interest.

      1. I know it’s late in the game since it is now August, but is there any table/chair sets left? (I am only now hearing about the auction.)

  5. We will miss Bert’s. I wanted to have my 45th wedding anniversary there this year.
    I held my hubbies 50 and his 70 th there. Met with friends there often. I really hate to see it go. Good luck to very and his wife on their journey into what ever they do going forward in life. I have my jackets from there and wonderful memories. Thank you. ♥️♥️♥️🦅🇺🇸🎶

  6. This was my first job back in 96 it was a fun place to work at times. It was also the first job I got fired from. Lol. I’m sad it not going to be there.

  7. Many a good times at Bert’s. Meeting old friends, birthday parties, graduation parties. I moved to the area in 1969 and left to live in Myrtle Beach in 2001, but Bert’s was my “come to” stop every time I visited. So, so sad 😩🥲🥹😓😭

    1. Both. We will be there this Saturday from 11:30 – 3:00pm. You can buy now or an auction will be in the future.

  8. We will miss Bert”s very much. Want to thank Bert and his team that made memories for us.

  9. Had many good times with family and friends at Bert’s. Very sad to see it closing. I am very interested in purchasing one of the table sets.

  10. Bert’s was the 1st restaurant that our family ate at when we moved here from Arizona. My mom would always get the Seafood Platter I think that’s what y’all called it. Anyways she would have that every Friday night for gosh I couldn’t tell you. Bert’s was my oldest son’s 1st job. Gosh I so wish you could of stayed opened. Good luck Bert&Family time to kick off your shoes and RELAX y’all deserve it…

  11. More than 20 plus years of memories there. Always had great employees and enjoyed watching them grow and moving on to their careers. Thanks for the great memories Bert, Margie and Debbie. ❤️😎

  12. Please call me @301-399-3949 to purchase a table and 4 chairs. We will sell one set for $400. Thank you.

  13. I am really going to miss this place. It was like going back to the 50’s. My two sisters and our husbands would come here often. We loved the
    Atmosphere and the people/servers. the food was great. I hate to see them go.

  14. I totally enjoyed eating there! I was hoping it would reopen with another’s restaurant 😔

    1. It wasn’t Berts until 1985. Before that it was an ice cream stand. Your failing memory is showing.

    2. We didn’t open until 1985 so sorry about your experience prior to our opening it.

    3. Wow. Thats a long time to hold a grudge. You must live a miserable life.

    4. You must have gotten some bad ice cream because it was an ice cream stand. Wasn’t Bert’s until mid eighties.

    1. It is tentatively set for August 16th. It is an on-line auction and will be advertised for a few weeks on Rasmus

  15. I brought my three grandchildren there occasionally when they were little for lunch until they started school. It was our favorite place to go! They loved when the big jukebox was playing and would get up and dance. They loved the game room and especially that bubble gum machine! They loved watching that gum ball come down and out! And of course, ice cream for dessert! So sad to see you go but we have many good memories there! Thank you for good times!

  16. Three out of my four boys started working at Bert’s at 14. The last will be 14 in January. Sad that he won’t be able to start his work experience like his brothers did. We will miss Bert’s.

    1. It’s just a shell of a car… drivers side and just enough of the front back and roof to make it look like the whole car from the front… why would you want that? Plus the paint has rotted off it and it’s rusting out.

  17. isn’t that nice that someone went through + snapped pictures. I thought that the place was selling & it would have new owners, but stay- the- same + look- the- same. (thats a suggestion, wink wink nod nod)

    1. Well since Busy Corner Buggies bought it what “menu” items would you like? A jet ski with a side of golf carts? Read the article.

  18. what i tend to do in situationns- like- this is go in & say, this is the wrong menu, wheres Berts menu?

    1. I’m sure if you go into the future tractor, golf cart, jet ski etc. shop that’s going in there you’ll be met with odd stares when you ask for the menu.

  19. I made the quilt that hung on the wall for some time (years). It was a gift to Debbie. Did it find a new home? Thanks and God Bless.

  20. i miss stick shift vehicles. Make somemore, make somemore. I miss going to used car lots & having many stick shift vehicles to choose from.

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