Annapolis, MD (September 8, 2017) —  Schooner Woodwind is offering a truly unique way to experience the boat show all at an amazing value.  The purchase of the Woodwind Boat Show Cruise-Combo ticket includes both entries into the show for the day and a 90-minute schooner cruise.  A savings of up to 40%.

The Woodwind Boat Show Combo-Cruise ticket costs $45.00 for adults, $31.00 for children ages 7-11, and $25.00 for children under 7.  On VIP Day, Thursday, October 5th pricing is as follows: $57.00 for adults, $47.00 for children 11 and under.

“This is truly a unique opportunity to experience the Boat Show from both land and the water all while saving up to 40% of the ticket into the boat show, “ said Schooner Woodwind Captain, Jenn Kaye.

“Woodwind” sails up to four times daily with 90-minute cruises from Dock F2 throughout the Sailboat Show October 5th – 9th. Sailing Tickets can be bought online at or directly from the Schooner Woodwind booth in the Sailboat Show.  For all cruises, sailors must have a ticket for the show.

If tickets have already been purchased for Boat Show, don’t worry.  Schooner Woodwind will provide a discount by entering in the boat show ticket number and sell you a “Sail Only” ticket.  “Sail Only” prices are as follows: adults, $35.00, children ages 11 and under $25.00. On VIP Day, Thursday, October 5th pricing is as follows: adults, $35.00, and $25.00 for children 11 and under.

Note the cut-off for advance online ticket sales is 12 hours before the cruise.  Tickets may be available at doc F2 inside the Boat Show right up to Cruise Time.