Early on this the morning the crowds are starting to gather all over the area as the Tiki Bar’s opening has begun.  As part of the festivities, a mysterious boat has left the dock decorated with Tiki gear.  The weather couldn’t be any better this day, seeing the clear skies and the sun out and shining with only a few spotted clouds. 

Anticipation grows as die hard Tiki fans see strange objects, a throne being erected on the one of the roofs, being one.  New bartenders are rushing around to their drink stands taking orders from some of the senior staff. 

Everywhere you see vendors handing out merchandise promoting their products with anything from key chains to can, holding displaying their company’s logo.  In the front of the bar DUI lawyers such as Andy Alpert are decked out in Tiki gear handing out key chains and driver rights cards.

Cell phones are going off all over the area.  People are calling their friends telling them to get here before there are no spots left to park due to the constant filling of the parking lots.

Noon Update – Gordon Spalding, the 2007 Tiki King has arrived on a throne, being taken to land by boat.  Arriving by the bar, wearing a rib necklace and island style garments, while surrounding himself with Tiki girls, he made his way toward the bar.  After following the rose petal pathway the girls were laying out, and reaching th ebar, he announced his position as king by giving a speech, written on a golden scroll.  Tiki Bar guests listened and applauded to this kicking off of the bar and the king.

The bar is now in full swing, as  people are swarming in by the hundreds.  Many dressed in pirate outfits and island wear have made their way into each location of the bar and the areas surrounding it.  Giving off a true island festival feel, the people at the Tiki bar are enjoying their time. 

Stay with the Bay Net as we update you live from the Tiki Bar.