Seventh District Volunteers Host 61st Annual Installation Banquet 

BUSHWOOD, Md. — The Seventh District Volunteer Rescue Squad and Auxiliary held their installation on May 6 at Bailey’s Old Breton Inn, where the department appointed and elected officers while honoring the top runners. Those with many hours of service, and rookies of the year were also recognized.

Additionally, the auxiliary announced its $25,000 donation.

After Fr. Wyle provided the invocation and prayer, the department honored its newly appointed officers.

The newly appointed Squad Administrative Officers are:

–President: Donald “Duck” Phetteplace

–Vice President: Ronnie Mattingly

–Recording Secretary: Amy Farr

–Corresponding Secretary: Karen Colonna

–Treasurer: Gilbert Murphy

–Assistant Treasurer: Gail Lawrence

–Chief: Matt Colliflower

–Chaplain: George Kennett

–Members at Large: Joan Raley and Hattie Norris

The newly appointed Squad Line Officers are:

–Chief: Matt Colliflower

–Assistant Chief: Todd Hayden

–Deputy Chief: Hattie Norris

–Captain: Tanya Colliflower, Brian Straub

–Lieutenant: Josh Colliflower, Richard Colliflower. Mike Vincent 

–Chief Engineer: Duck Phetteplace

–Engineers: Francis Gibson and George Bussler

At the event, the rescue squad also honored those who passed away in 2021 for their service and contributions.

“Never forgotten, forever missed,” the squad said in a news release.

The list of fallen heroes includes:

–Lawrence – The family of Robert “Stevie” Lawrence – Member since 1992

–Bailey – The family of William “Eddie” Bailey – Honorary Member

–Wolfe – The family of Luther Wolfe – Honorary Member

The Seventh District Volunteer Rescue Squad and Auxiliary is always looking for new members to join its organization. Volunteers have the opportunity to take part in many day-to-day activities, some of which include responding to emergency calls, providing medical care, giving demonstrations to school children, and taking part in many other events and functions. Anyone age 16 or older may apply.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out their online application.

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