The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has investigated 8 vehicle thefts since September 19, 2015. The vehicle thefts have occurred from Dunkirk to Huntingtown. All vehicles that has been stolen were left unlocked with the keys either in the ignition or within the vehicle itself. 

The vehicles have all been located at various locations in the Prince Frederick and Huntingtown areas of Calvert County.The thefts have occurred during the late night/early morning hours. 

Several items within the vehicles have been removed and there have been thefts in the surrounding areas from where vehicles have been taken. The latest vehicle, which was stolen on October 29, 2015, had a loaded 20 gauge single barrel shotgun with a scope mounted on it left inside of it. When the vehicle was recovered the shotgun was no longer inside.

The Sheriff’s Office investigated numerous vehicle thefts where the suspect used the same modusoperandi in 2010 and 2011. It is believed the recent thefts are being committed by the same suspect that stole the vehicles then.  Sheriff’s Office personnel are working diligently, dedicating every available resource to these cases in an attempt to apprehend the suspect.

Sheriff Mike Evans is requesting the citizens of Calvert County assist us by locking their vehicles and removing any items of value from within them.  In addition citizens are being asked to relay this message to family and friends via social media outlets, community meetings, neighborhood watches etc. 

Should you witness any suspicious activity or observe any subjects in your neighborhoods that you are not familiar with, please call 911. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Citizens with information on the following crimes or any criminal activity in Calvert County who wish to report it anonymously can now access the Calvert County Crime Solvers link through the Sheriff’s Office website.  

Go to and click on the Crime Solvers link to leave an anonymous tip on-line, or call 410-535-2880.  Information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect could result in a $1,000 reward.