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HUGHESVILLE, Md. – We’ve heard a lot of feedback about the timing of the rate increase. As a cooperative, the last thing we want is unhappy members, but we have some procedures that we must follow. SMECO’s residential Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate is made up of the energy charge and the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). SMECO’s PCA adjusts monthly to reduce the impact of market fluctuations on the cost of energy to members. When the PCA is more than five percent (up or down) of the residential energy charge for three months in a row, SMECO is required to file for a rate adjustment. SOS is the cost of energy. When energy prices (oil and natural gas) go up or down, so does the SOS. Power costs for January 2022 were 68% higher than January 2021. SMECO charges no markup and makes no profit on the energy provided to members.

SOS rates do not cover infrastructure costs (trucks, buildings, employees), which are included under the distribution charge. The distribution rate has not been raised since 2016. It was actually lowered in 2018 to reflect lower transmission costs and those savings were passed along to our members.

We had some incredibly cold weather in January. Cold weather drives up energy usage and increased usage means higher bills. It may feel like those high bills are solely based on the rate increase, but the bigger impact is usually increased usage.
On your bill, you have a chart of the last 13 months. You can compare this month’s usage with the previous 12 months, including the same month a year ago. In the example below, the February bill reflected usage in January that was almost 600 kWh higher than usage in the prior month. The bill almost doubled because usage almost doubled.

On beautiful days like today, it’s hard to remember the cold, blustery days. In Account Manager, you can log into your account and look at your usage to see how it corresponds to the temperature on those cold days. Looking at your usage can help you see what is causing it to increase and may help you make changes that could reduce your usage and reduce your bill.

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  1. Do not blame it on cold weather for January we’re all paying for that new building that y’all have got up that’s why our electric bills are so high right now for I’m going to stay high in the h e l l do you think that we’re going to be able to afford electric and everything else that we’ve got to pay along with it I think your right idea of going higher it’s crazy we’re not made of money and it’s a shame that we’ve got to pay for your new building no you didn’t need a new building in the first place that was a waste of materials waste of time and a waste of our money to pay for it it’s a shame that y’all got to rip off your customers the way you are doing it so you can get your new building paid

    1. I’d be a lot more inclined to care about what your writing of this sent nice wasn’t one of the worst structured run-on sentences of the decade.
      I feel for you, but for that love of god give a crap about what you’re writing.

      1. Right… this “sent nice”. Cool to point out someone’s paragraph structure but not check your work before hitting send…

  2. I don’t care how much colder it was in January. I’ve lived in this house for 22 years and we have had plenty of cold winters in that time and I have never had my bill almost $500.00, even in the summer when it has been 100 degrees with my pool pump running 12 hours a day.

  3. SMECO you are full of crap. Just my husband and I. We keep the thermostat down and close off rooms we rarely use in the winter. The bill was $849!!!!

    1. Omg. I would not be able to pay a 859 electric bill. That’s crazy. I pray that’s a mistake and they adjust your bill. Sending prayers 🙏 my friend.

    2. Something is off. Do you have an electric furnace? We have 3 kids, 5500 sq ft 5br with full basement and 2 systems and our bill was $268.00. And we work full time from home.

    3. Agreed. Just the two of us as well and our bill was $720 and we keep thermostat down between 68-69 degrees.

  4. My bill was doubled really that’s a very high increase at one time especially when I live in a 800 square Foot Apartment RIDICULOUS!!!

  5. Who wrote this it doesn’t look like anything Smeco will put out I would rather have a meeting community meeting with Smeco

  6. There is absolutely no reason that my electric bill was more than doubled for 1 month. Nothing has changed regardless of the weather outside that would make my bill be more than double the normal which is outrageous enough. People are NOT as stupid as you make them to be, and giving this as an explanation is an insult. This is a love/hate relationship and we the consumer really have no damn choice. Now the linemen who worked their butts off during this horrid weather in SoMD. Love them, but the price gouging is beyond ridiculous. With the state this country is in, my family works their tales off to make ends meet and not sit home to collect Unemployment. It takes more than 1 income to pay some of these bills people are getting. SMECO, you really need to do better. Shameful.

  7. Our bill has doubled. This is plain greed from SMECO. Our bill last year was 289, this month is 531. This is GREED SMECO.

  8. We can easily blame all of this on Biden voters! He and his son Barack made it clear that this would happen and yet you Hell bound losers still voted them in! All of you clowns that have destroyed Maryland by electing mostly democrats for so long will pay dearly on the other side of life! If you think I’m lying to you, check it out for yourselves!
    This country was never meant for the kinds of evil that that you have created!

    1. You are an idiot. Fuel price hit almost $4 a gallon when Trump first took office, it literally happens to every administration. Idiots that would rather have a complete criminal conman who feels like the law doesn’t apply to him, in office… how did so many people become so stupid as to really believe what this orange idiot says instead of believing the actual evidence in front of their own eyes… my mom raised me to not be dumb enough to believe the 1 person who says “everyone else is lying, except me!” Obviously other mothers didn’t…

  9. I live in a two bedroom apartment and keep my thermostat at a minimal temp whether it be winter or summer to avoid a high energy bill. I’m a single grandmother raising two teenage grandsons and live on a fixed income. I definitely wasn’t prepared when I opened my electric bill. I’ve been extra careful and almost miserly in order to maintain an affordable bill. NOT THIS MONTH! What are your customers supposed to do? When we all switch over to a new energy supplier then maybe you’ll take notice. You’ve made it apparent that SMECO doesn’t give a flying flip about us.

  10. Everybody saying SMECO is lying, lol they’re just politely telling you you get what you vote for.

  11. Could the rate increase also have something to do with the charging stations for electric vehicles being installed in Prince Frederick ? Hmmmmm?

  12. Increased usage…SMECO you are hilarious! Power off more than on in our neighborhood and never jusitifiation for outages. It stays out for hours and numerous times days and bills increase. There is NO way that a bill should DOUBLE as most have becuase of “cold” weather. Higher usage???? I’ve rarely been home this month and this increase is another reason for people to complain to the public service commission.

  13. Yes my bill is over 800 never have I had a bill this big before places Smeco do something this is not fair

  14. SMECO, so you want me to believe that as a whole, your customer base is not knowledgeable enough to understand the effects of weather on their energy usage , nor the effects of justification of cost increase and inflation? I believe that you underestimate your customer base. I encourage you to review and revisit the customer complaints with an eye toward your customers versus justification of your bank account.

  15. How about us ours doubled and we heated most of our house by the fireplace, so pls stop blaming it on the cold .

  16. I literally cannot Believe you are blaming it
    on the cold weather! Like we’ve never had
    that before? So tell me how you can raise it
    so high and then you look at BGE and there
    is so low. Ever since I have been with Niko
    they have been ridiculously more expensive.
    You charge us what we use on a regular
    basis and then you charge us for using
    Smithco and I get that but your charges
    very very expensive which is ridiculous how
    do you expect people to live!?. I’ve had my
    heat down to 6768 and my bill was over
    $600.! I know people who are my friends
    with had it was $900! Explain that one!
    Something needs to be done how do you
    think people are supposed to live and fill
    their homes with warm air so that they don’t
    freeze? You guys know what you’re doing is
    highway robbery and if I had a choice I Would never have had you as our electric company

  17. We all have to tighten our belts including Smeco maybe stop buying new vehicles for a couple of years or stop the extravagant seafood Christmas party or maybe we need to look at who owned and or had a financial interest in the land that was purchased for new building and if it was not conflict of interest I don’t know what is and u have reduced your staff of local workers significantly over the last several years where is that savings how about only hiring your employees from southern Maryland instead of recruiting people from all over the country and then paying to relocate them here SMECO is supposed to be about the people of southern Maryland I’ll stop now

  18. We are helping you pay for your luxury building you just got. So don’t blame it on the cold weather. We had colder days then this & for longer last year. So just stop with the lies & give us all a dang break. It has been hard enough with all this covid & people losing thier family members.

  19. I am on fixed incomes. A Senior and my oil bill went from 100.00 to 373.00 in about two months. My SMECO bill doubled to 606.00 this month. I have never had such high bills, even when we had the vortex winter. Thank goodness I got my tax return back to pay these bills. But I don’t know how can go on. This is going to be taking from my food bill, which I only get once a month! I feel like utility companies are greets take if from the needY, J Q PUBLIC!

  20. My house was vacant last month. The temp was set at 65 (lowest heat setting possible for my HVAC unit) to prevent freezing pipes. I have cost-efficient mini-splits. Some rooms were closed without heat. No lights or electronics were on at all. My bill was still $300!

  21. Almost $900 this month for us. NEVER have I seen a bill like this. Its $300 on a bad month in the winter. How can anyone afford to keep paying this.

  22. I bet that most people that are complaining about these high bills have a heat pump to heat their homes however don’t quite understand how they actually work. For example, if you have your thermostat set to 68 degrees and its 30 degrees outside, Your heat pump may be able to get the temperature up to 55 degrees. In order to get the temperature up to the 68 degrees that you have it set at, your auxiliary heat will come on to make up the difference. Those are electric strip heaters like in a toaster. When they come on, your electric usage will be much much higher. Sometimes the thermostat will say AUX or stage 2. If it does then you are using probably 2 to 3 times as much electricity than just the heat pump alone. If you don’t believe that, and you have a few moments, go look at your electric meter and look at that dash under the numbers while it says aux or stage 2. It should be moving pretty fast. Turn your hvac system off then go look at the meter, that dash is probably not moving nearly as fast, Guess what?? That is where the majority of your usage is coming from. As a person who used to work at a utility company in another state dealing with customers and their meters and high bills, I showed them that their meter was ok. they also got to see the effect that their hvac systems had on usage when it was running vs being off. Then they understood why their bill was so high. so take a note and try this, you might be surprised at what you see.

    1. Sorry! No heat pump/ central air. One story house with a basement one resident – heat set at 60 degrees in main area and one bedroom and OFF in other 2 bedrooms. I received a bill for $459 – almost doubling last month’s bill of $239! No central air, heat pump or space heaters! etc. Politicians aren’t to blame for this – The “smart meters “ have replaced the human being who used to drive by using a hand held reader. Everything is done by computer. The same computer that notified me of a non existent “outage” 3 times over the last several months. Lived in this house for over 30 years have never gotten a bill over $250 which began with their transition to their “smart meters”

  23. I just received my bill. I know it should NOT be as high as it is because 1) we didn’t have power for 3 days and had a fire going 2) have a constant fire to keep energy cost down 3) keep our thermostat lower than we ever have 4) make sure all unused appliances are unplugged 5) make sure all unused lights are off. SMECO is FULL of ShI! they are price gouging!

  24. We all know it’s a bunch of BS. You know it’s a bunch of BS. Your trying to sell it with rhetoric and excuses. What choices as a consumer to we have, absolutely none because you will force us to choose between electricity to heat and cool our homes or another bill. It’s BS and you know it. But what do the consumers expect. Enjoy your luxury and profit while we eat noodles and Bologna.

  25. My bill was almost $400 for the month of January. I called and the rep claimed it was due to a a lot of energy usage around midnight every single night. I didn’t believe her at all. Seeing these comments, has lead me to believe SMECO is at fault and over charging it’s customers.

  26. The bills are terrible and folks are wondering how in the world are they going to pay them. What you see here is people are focused on high electric instead of $3.59 per gallon gas (going up by ten cents a gallon due to the Democratic leadership in Maryland in 2013, which by the way was supposed to be for repairs to the Thomas Johnson Bridge), increased heating oil and propane costs, empty shelve in stores due to a lack of product, 7.5 inflation, and increasing costs across the board. Where are Steny, Ben Cardin and Chris H, our esteemed political leaders? Folks, we were not in this place before the present administration. While I cared little for the person, his policies had us in a much better place than where we are now. If you are ok with where we appear to be heading, keep the same folks in office. It is time to let your economic pain guide your decisions when it comes to to vote.

    1. Our representatives are sitting in their mansions, laughing.
      And it will go on asking as you keep electing and re- electing dimocraps.

  27. So in January many residents across the State was without power for weeks.

    Yes the temps had been colder in January than other recent months but not historically. Just look back at last winter and we had longer, colder time than this last January. Compare customer bills from that time to now….it’s predominantly the rate increase that has caused such hardship for many people.

    You have a solar farm, you also have many homes with solar that kicks back power to your business. How do you justify increasing your rates so exponentially?

    I hope the charging stations going in everywhere aren’t free for people to use and that they have the same rates applied to them, if not a bit higher to pay for said charging stations.

  28. I live on a fixed income and boy did SMECO fix that income. I called them immediately and they told me that my bill was correct. On average my bill was 160.00 went I got this bill it was 436.68. I called right away it had to be a mistake. It’s only me in the house and I keep it at 73 degrees. Why am I freezing with charges like this. They told me the bill was correct and never mentioned the increase however they did give me some time to pay the bill. I have never been to a board meeting but I think I will go to the next one. It’s not fair!

    1. They DID do a real number on costs though. Don’t worry,though – they’ll pay for themselves in 2-300 years or so.

  29. Just Ridiculous what y’all are doing. Prayers up for the elderly like my Gma who’s dealing w your overwhelming bills. A lot of these people aren’t able to go back to work; Just putrid!

  30. Everyone here is saying SMECO is blaming the cold weather. Have you all missed the part where the cost of the energy they buy has increased 68%? You expect them to eat that cost? That’s unreasonable. As a customer you don’t know how the business is ran and what the solar farm energy is used for. And this increase is not paying for that new building, that was budgeted for before this cost increase. For those of you on fixed income, I am empathetic to your struggle. This rate increase is not ideal but unless you wanna go without power or move to a state where you are allowed to generate your own power, complain with legitimate details to someone who can do something about it.

    1. Let’s see an itemized invoice of exactly what SMECO is spending money on including salaries and yearly bonuses to CEO’s and others before we blame a 68 percent increase for our exuberant bills

  31. I don’t understand how my bill went up $60 extra dollars when there are only 3 people here, no one is home all day until 5 and when we are we bath, eat and bed so how are we burning that much electricity. I’m sorry something is wrong with this.

  32. So what is the benefit of the big solar field in Hughesville? You would think that could help keep costs down and maybe it does.

  33. Kinda ridiculous when we’ve been in the cold more often than warm to try and keep our bill the same while this covid stuff has affected us. I may aswell not pay it and save up for solar panels screw you guys.

    1. Solar panels don’t work at night. So unless you are also getting a shed full of batteries, you will still be reliant on SMECO for night time power.

  34. My February bill was 200 kWh less than my January bill but my February bill was $70 more than January. Don’t tell people that the cold January is the reason the bill went up.

  35. Shame on you SMECO! My bill has also doubled!! But then again welcome to Joe Biden’s America!! Maryland we need a change in leadership! Keep voting in these democrats we will never see change! I say it’s time! The last time my bill was this high was when Obama was in office! Look at gas prices food prices everything is ridiculously expensive. Only Maryland can change it! SMECO you need to stop blaming the weather and fix this!!

  36. Our bill is normally anywhere between $250-$340 a month. I just received a bill for $665.17. That is freaking insane! We turn the heat way down at night and keep it around 66-67 during the day. Someone is making bank.

  37. Can’t keep using the colder weather excuse for ever .. there is a pattern I’ve noticed throughout the years bills increasing every year around the same time .. we have 2 people in our home, one home during the day. New windows. Fairly new appliances. Did not decorate for the holidays.. our bill jumped from $137 to $547 in 5 months this is ridiculous.. hopefully we can get enough angry maryland residents together to make someone investigate and hold someone responsible for this thievery…

  38. SMECO offers tracking of daily and hourly usage. I am seeing a pattern of huge spikes in use at times nobody was home and temperatures were rising (meaning heat consumption should be falling, not skyrocketing. There is no way their data bear any resemblance to actual energy consumption in the apartment. Something is very wrong here and it’s clearly been set up to give the appearance of having irrefutable scientific data when it’s 100% obvious the data is being made up in order to extort customers. I’m appalled by this unethical and fraudulent behavior by a basic essential utility company, and I hope they are made to repay every last penny they collected through dishonest metering and will be required to make restitution to the affected communities. It’s truly horrifying when there is zero relation between actual energy consumption and extortionist charges based on intentionally falsified data.

  39. Not only are the rates inflated , smeco is sending reminders to pay your bill before it’s due. My bill is due 2/25. I got a text on 2/24 asking if I’ve paid my bill yet. I let them know how I felt about it by replying to a no reply text. Made me feel better though.

  40. Our bill is $200 higher than last years. Over $500 and we keep our house at 67 degrees. Everyone is cold all the time and our bills are going up. We also spent over $4K on upgrading our insulation. Something is off

  41. help! is anybody gonna read this?? Go co-op. Id’ like to see much more co-ops, a food co-op, internet co-op, telephone co-op, all industries could be. should be co-ops. co-op is for people, not for profit. (if you feel the need to spell correctly)

  42. Well Robert Ehrlich is the person that deregulated electricity in Md causing the rates to go up by over 70%. The little it has gone up recently doesn’t compare to that increase when he did that. That’s the gop only looking out for the rich while sticking it to everyone else. Just blame yourself for voting him in office when you did.

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