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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was brought to our attention by the parent of the mentioned Southern Middle School student, in hopes that her story might draw attention to some of the problems she has encountered while dealing with the school’s administrators. If you know someone in a crisis, direct them to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  You can call them at 1-800-273-8255 or text HELLO to 741741, which is the Crisis Text Line. Both services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls are confidential. 

LUSBY, Md. – After a student recently reported bullying, Southern Middle School in Calvert County allegedly pressured a girl to disclose her sexuality in front of several others, which led to her attempting suicide.

Simone Smith, the mother of the student, told that the story started with a child who everyone in the school knows is a bully. Smith’s daughter and her friend, as well as the reported bully, went to the office to explain the details of a specific incident.

However, when they got there, Smith’s daughter was asked why she was bothered by the bully. Her mom had hoped that the school would have asked the bully why they called her daughter a n**** and a f*****. 

“She kept asking my daughter why are you so offended until she had to say it,” Smith said.

Her daughter is both black and gay. But Smith did not believe that was any of the school’s business. 

“My daughter did not want to say it. She did not want to come out. She did not want the school to know, and she did not want her friends to know,” Smith said.

After the incident, her mother said that her daughter did not want to go to school and fell into depression. Her daughter would hide in the bathroom and cry until she could find a way home. Then, she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills.

The school tried to apologize afterward, but she did not accept it because the assistant principal forced the disclosure in front of many people, Smith said. Smith did accept an apology from the principal, who she felt understood the situation.

Southern Middle School and the Calvert County Board of Education did not wish to comment after reached out multiple times. 

Smith is looking for expert medical help for her daughter and legal assistance. 

She can be reached at 870-278-4860.

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  1. Is this an advertisement? Or Is this supposed to be journalism? Sounds like a revenge opinion piece that belongs in St Marys Today. If this mom has a phone then she has access to professional mental help and there is no need to solicit it in an online media outlet.

    1. Homer!
      I did not write it, the purpose of this is to let people know what the school did to my child. But thank you for you opinion.

      1. The student has issue with disclosing her preference in fron of another student.

        Mom gets mad, had baynet post with her name and number and shouted her daughters sex pref on the internet.

        Makes no sense, smells like a revenge piece.

    2. No.This article has false information and needs to be taken down. I a student at southern middle do agree our school is horrible and don’t know how to handle things however the student mention did not try to kill her self she is a very kind and smart girl she is not comfortable having this up me and other friends of hers will be emailing thebaynet telling them to take it down we will also handle this unjust in school by protesting the horrible things our school let’s happen

    3. Mr. Simpson:

      You’re ridiculous. This young lady deserves her privacy, just like you and everyone else. That information was NONE of the schools business. And furthermore, to be labeled those names is DISGUSTING and UNACCEPTABLE. Kids, schools…DO BETTER!

      Way to go, Simone! I pray your daughter gets help and just know that there are kids and folks that will love and accept her AS SHE IS!

  2. This is not about the MOTHER, its about the insensitivity of a school administrator. Now, there is always two sides to every story, and I would like to hear the administrators side. Why would you question a CHILD in front of other children. Why didn’t she ask the Bully was they were Bulling? As a school employee, this goes against everything, I have received in training.

  3. While I don’t agree with the student’s choice nor her mom condoning it, I feel that the school failed the student miserably! Conspicuous bullying must be dealt with and punished immediately!

  4. Wth!! Why would you put the kids mothers name in this article!?!?! I can not believe southern middles would do this to this kid and that you all would put so much information about the child. I hope this young lady gets some help asap and that she will be ok. My prayers go out to her. I know this has to be incredibly hard on her and her family and I’m sorry they have to go through this 😡☹😥❤💜💛💙🧡🤗🙏🤟💋

  5. Something very similar happened to my daughter at Southern Middle School she was bullied because of how she identifies nothing was ever done about it the boys bulling her are known for being bullies I had to take her out of school and she is no being homeschooled I reported it to the board of education but have herd nothing back

  6. Come to the Comimisoners forum on April 27 at 6:15 at Southern Community Center and express your concerns.

  7. No. This article is giving false information and needs to be taken down.I a student at southern middle and a friend of the student know she is not comfortable with this.tho our school handles things horribly and needs to be help accountable this article is unacceptable. Me and more friends of the student will be protesting and bringing up all the horrible things our school has let happen we will not sit this student did not try to commit suicide and is a very smart sweet girl. She does not deserve for her privacy to be out in the public. They do not have permission to post this we will be emailing them and asking for this to be taken down.

    1. You know the mother gave permission to post all of this. I think we will believe the mother vs a student about what happened.

  8. Take this story down. Get training for the school administrators. Stop the bullying. You just condoned bullying

  9. She didn’t want people at school to know but now it’s on social media? How are you doing better for this child? I hope she finds the support she needs.

  10. OMG. I think the majority of the people that have commented need to go back to middle & elementary school to learn how to read & write. This is an example of terrible journalism. The Baynet has posted the MOTHER’S thoughts & OPINIONS, which apparently are in conflict with the student’s own wishes. The only way TRUE journalism works is if BOTH sides are presented. Quite frankly, since the individuals in question are all minors, and the mother identified herself by calling the Baynet, she has violated her own daughter’s right to privacy. She has done exactly what she is complaining about. Oh the irony…

    1. Yes, they do need to learn how to read and write English. Some of them say they work at schools. No wonder our kids aren’t learning anything useful.

  11. Wow wow wow, emotional intelligence at its lowest. This would not be the formum to disclose your dirty laundry nor this the most advantageous method to stop bullying. So glad this isn’t my mother

      1. Be strong and don’t listen to these small-minded people. You went to Baynet to bring attention to the problem at the school. Don’t feel bad about what you did. You did the right thing.

        How is the school ever going to change if these problems are not brought to the publics attention?

        Thank you for your courage in bringing this story out.

        My prayers as well for you and your fine daughter.

    1. You are a cruel person, aren’t you? This family is in pain and all you can do is criticise them.

      Hopefully your world is very small and there are very few people that you are able to hurt with your hyper-critical attitude problem.

  12. Bullying is bullying at any age. Schools need to be more sensitive to students when it comes to bullying whatever the topic may be. Gender identification is new for a lot of people, like it or not, that’s life now! No one should hate life so much he/she should want to end theirs. They are children!!! The article isn’t about mom. Mom wants parents to be aware. It’s not her fault that her name was published and if she needs other parents to talk to-what’s wrong with that? No one wants to feel alone.

  13. My child has also had problems with southern middle not properly disciplining or separating bullies from other students

  14. Southern Middle has had a very bad reputation in the county for a very long time. CCPS Administration take note. Engage and do something! Not only is the mother of the impacted daughter speaking out so are a few students also identifying problems at the school – where there’s smoke there’s fire. Not only does the bullied daughter need help, so does this awful school and apparently their very bad leaders. Separate these bad leaders from our precious children before they can do even more damage.

  15. From a parent of a bullied child who attends CCPS and is in high school now, still dealing with it, my heart breaks for this young girl and her Mom. It’s hard on both ends and as parents we try our very best to protect and bring awareness. Simone, please get her in counseling at CCHD and check out the day program at Calvert Hospital as well as the IHIP program! Your family is in my prayers for healing !!

  16. This is a sad situation.
    All we hear about is “Stop bullying” but nobody does.
    Why was she made to “come out” in front of her tormentor? Why wasn’t she spoken to by the administrator privately before being brought together with the other party?
    The concern is this student and her feelings. She’s suffering because of the conduct she endured. She was trying to keep her privacy protected but the school didn’t care.
    Ms. Smith, my heart goes out to you and your daughter and I hope you both find the help you’re reaching out for.

  17. If the daughter ever wanted any privacy outside of middle school, she now has none. The mother failed the daughter on top of the school. The mother’s name is public, her phone number is public, and her daughter’s school is identified. As a daughter and a mother I am absolutely enraged on what she went through at school and what she is now being exposed to with this article. It needs to be taken down now.

  18. I can agree that this school knows nothing of how to deal with problems. I’m currently being bullied and when I stand up for myself I get in trouble. The school is completely clueless on how to handle bad situations, especially the vice principle. I am so sorry for her, I hope it gets better. I would be more than happy to be her friend and help her out! Much love and prayers to her and her family.

    1. While I don’t condone bullying, it is a fact of life. I dealt with it in the 80s and 90s as did most people in the world. You’re not alone, but you need to realize it is a phase within life that you must traverse. I think most parents are ok with their children standing up for themselves because we know that ALL local schools can’t deal with it to everyone’s satisfaction. It’s not the end of life if you get suspended for punching a bully in the face.

  19. We have a child enrolled in Southern Middle School and have also had our child come home talking about boys touching them even when they to stop, and further more asking our child to engage in sexual acts in the bathroom. The school is willingly ignoring signs of bullying, racism, sexism, and are aiding in raising future predators. Where are the administrators and the parents for all this?

  20. As a student of Southern Middle School I can agree that the administration does nothing for the students. Every time a incident happens at the school and I go to the office whoever I talk to they cut me off when I try to explain what’s going on and they don’t handle the situation. DO BETTER SOUTHERN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!

    1. You’re 100% right the administration doesn’t care about the students and there problems at all. It’s very disappointing that this has to be the school I go to.DO BETTER!!😤👎

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