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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — As the country faces inflation and food shortages, the St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen, with help from the community, has gotten over $1,000 worth of food donations.

“Times are tough, and the number of those in need is at an all-time high,” said St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen on its Facebook page. “We could use the following items: juice boxes, peanut butter and jelly, string cheese, pudding and Jello cups, apples, oranges, and bananas.”

After the post on July 22, Kristin Marsh, a community member, decided to use her resources to help the organization.

“When you are blessed and able to help, that’s what you do,” Marsh said. “It felt incredible to facilitate my little food drive that could. What an amazing community!”

Photo From Kristin Marsh Of Some Donations.

She posted on Facebook to see if anyone else would be willing to donate. By the time Marsh left the store, community members had sent her over $500 to buy food to donate.

“I was going to just shop and drop, but thought I would share their post and offer to shop for others if they wanted to donate,” Marsh said. “My Facebook network came through in the biggest way! In 4 hours I had over $500 to go shopping, I was shocked!”

Nearly a week later, Marsh said the final tally for donation funds was $1,031.

St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen’s mission is to provide free meals to anyone in need, no questions asked, serving all with a spirit of compassion, dignity, and respect. St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen meets the needs of the food-insecure through a variety of services and education.

The soup kitchen was founded in 1993 by two Roman Catholic nuns who served soup and sandwiches from the back of a station wagon before moving into a building across from Lexington Park Post Office. 

Photo From Kristin Marsh Of Some Donations.

The original name “Mary’s Song” was changed in 1998 when the nuns dissolved their corporation and transferred the assets and responsibilities to Dana McGarity, who, with other community members, formed St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen.

The soup kitchen is a stand-alone nonprofit, not affiliated with any other organization.  

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