St. Mary’s County, MD — Seventeen suspects made the rundown of warrants served in St. Mary’s County in the past week. Crimes ranged from possession to assault to sex offenses.

08/14/19- Eric Tyler Ward, age 30 of California- two counts of CDS: Possession-Cocaine, and CDS: Conspiracy to Distribute-Cocaine by Cpl. Handy# 132.  CASE# 56780-18

08/16/19-  David Dawayne Gatlin, age 23 of Cheltenham, Possession of Firearm with Disqualifying Crime, Possession of Firearm with a Crime of Violence, Possession of Firearm with a CDS Distribution Conviction, Possession of Firearm with Narcotics Traffic Conviction, two counts of Firearm Drug Traffic Crime, CDS: Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin, Cocaine, and Cocaine Base. by Dep. Raley# 345.  CASE# 46671-19

08/16/19-  Thomas Sebastian Gough, age 19 of Lexington Park- 2 counts of Possession of Firearm with a Crime of Violence/Felony Conviction, Possession of Firearm/Minor, two counts of Handgun in Vehicle, CDS: Possession-Cocaine, and CDS: Possession-Heroin by Dep. Raley# 345.  CASE# 46684-19

08/16/19- Mitchell William Donnelly, age 25 of Severn- Assault 1st Degree, Disarm Law Enforcement Officer, Assault 2nd Degree, and Resisting Arrest by Dep. Raley# 345.  CASE# 46633-19

08/16/19- Donna Marie Warring, age 51 of Mechanicsville- FTA/Theft by Dep. Fretwell# 348.  CASE# 46723-19

08/16/19-  Tiffany Rose Tucker, age 20 with no fixed address-Sex Offense 4th Degree by Dep. Henry# 333.  CASE# 25360-19

08/17/19- Raine Courtney Eldridge, age 23 of Lexington Park- FTA/Theft by Cpl. Worrey# 152.  CASE# 46687-19

08/18/19-  Parrish Lowell Thompson, age 24 of Charlotte Hall- Driving Vehicle While Impaired  by Alcohol by Cpl. Kerby# 242.  CASE# 47144-19

08/18/19-  David Eric Strain, age 32 of California- Armed Robbery, Assault 1st Degree, Firearm Use/Felony Violent Crime, and Assault 2nd Degree by DFC. Ball# 315.  CASE# 46251-19

08/19/19-  Timothy Dwayne Holloway, age 33 of Landover- Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking and Theft by Dep. Bowling# 327.  CASE# 11827-19

08/19/19-  Paul Daniel Panholzer, age 35 with no fixed address- Sex Offender Violation/Fail to Register, Assault 2nd Degree and Malicious Destruction of Property by Cpl. Graves# 201.  CASE# 37052-19

8/19/19-  Richard Conrad Everson Jr., age 47 of Mechanicsville- Possession of Stolen Firearm, Regulated Firearm-Illegal Possession, Regulated Firearm-Unlawful Sale/Transfer by Cpl. LeFave# 264.  CASE# 47356-19

08/19/19-  Timothy Allen Dlouhy, age 54 of Lexington Park- Driving, Attempting to Drive Vehicle While Impaired by Alcohol by Cpl. Pesante# 153.  CASE# 47352-19

08/19/19-  Romaine Antonio Bailey, age 29 of Mechanicsville- Assault 1st Degree by Dep. Bowling# 327.  CASE# 33849-19

08/20/19-  Michelle Catherine Miles, age 33 of St. Inigoes- Hit and Run Fatal Accident, Fail to Remain at Scene of Fatal Accident, Fail to Report Fatal Accident, Fail to Stop Fatal Accident, Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Impaired, and Driving While Impaired by Drugs and Alcohol by Dep. Beyer# 319.  CASE# 42742-19

08/21/19-  Hannah Rose Whitman, age 20 of Lexington Park- Assault 1st & 2nd Degree by Dep. Shelko# 326.  CASE# 47502-19

08/22/19- Stacy Lynn Sboto, age 43 of Drayden- Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking, Theft, and two counts of Violation of Probation by Dep. Wimberly# 357.  CASE# 43971-19