Jennifer Katherine Hurry
Jennifer Katherine Hurry

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – State’s Attorney Richard Fritz is pleased to announce that on April 29, 2022, Jennifer Katherine Hurry (DOB: November 16, 1967) was convicted of 20 counts of Animal Cruelty.

She was indicted on these counts for acts of cruelty and neglect of 19 horses, 3 cows, 2 goats and 12 assorted fowl that were seized from her property on January 21, 2021.

Sentencing will be concluded after a pre-sentencing investigation, however, the State was able to obtain an order for the immediate forfeiture of all animals that were seized so adoption proceedings may begin.

Given the number of large agricultural animals to be transported and housed, Days End Farm Horse Rescue was contacted and agreed to facilitate the rescue, which is the largest in St. Mary’s County history.

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    1. Um… you’re completely off topic.
      There are many things happening in the world, and all at the same time.
      This particular moment is incredibly important for the local horse community, and those who care deeply about animal well-being.

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  2. How is that she currently owns pets? Shouldn’t part of her conviction include not being allowed to own any animals?

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  3. Ban her from any more ownership of animals for life.

    Time in prison if she violates the ban.

  4. I hear about this sort of thing a lot, and I can’t understand why when people get into situations like this they don’t ask for help…

    1. Bingo. Nothing about any one providing support or trying to help. Maybe it came down to feeding people versus animals.

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