UPDATE: LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Due to the adverse results of Tropical Storm Isaias, St. Mary’s County Commissioner President James R. Guy has extended the declared State of Emergency to remain in effect through September 3, 2020.

The extension of the State of Emergency Declaration provides authorization for the rapid purchase of goods and services required to respond to public health, safety, and infrastructure needs following the damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaias

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – In the wake of Tropical Storm Isaias, Commissioner President James R. Guy has declared a State of Emergency on August 4, 2020 for a period of seven days to expire August 11, 2020.

The Emergency Operations Center is activated at full status, which requires extensive response and recovery efforts and county-wide multi-agency coordination.

Tropical Storm Isaias involved severe winds, rain, and tidal surges that have caused or continue to cause flooding of low-lying areas, road and culvert damage, power outages and disruption of services in St. Mary’s County.

Upon declaration of a local state of emergency, the response and recovery aspects and provisions for aid and assistance of the St. Mary’s County Emergency Operations Plan shall become immediately effective. The declaration authorizes the Commissioner President “to take such measures as necessary to maximize the preservation of life and property, including the authority to require evacuation of areas.”

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