steny hoyer
Photo from Steny Hoyer (via Facebook)
steny hoyer
Photo from Steny Hoyer (via Facebook)

BOWIE, Md. – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement tonight after winning the election to represent Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District:

“I want to thank the voters of Maryland’s Fifth District for entrusting me once again with the responsibility of serving as their voice in the House of Representatives.” 

“From securing historic investments in infrastructure and manufacturing to supporting the ongoing effort to bring the FBI’s new consolidated headquarters to Prince George’s County, my colleagues and I worked tirelessly over the past two years to deliver results to the people of Southern Maryland.” 

“I’ve been proud to fight for Maryland workers and their families to have access to opportunities that help them get ahead and to have worked closely with state and local leaders to bring resources home to our district to make our communities safer, healthier, and more prosperous.  That work will continue in the 118th Congress.” 

“Together, we will strive to improve our schools, stand up for our federal workforce, protect voting rights, expand access to affordable health care, and provide workers and small businesses in Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland with the tools they need to make it in Maryland and Make It In America.”

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  1. Voting is a scam, and this is pure evidence of it, I told you so! He’s going to continue to kick back and get rich of that tax money

      1. Politicians are crooks that get voted in to office, they promise the world and do absolutely nothing, once in office they get rich off tax dollars

        You’re not going to change my mind at all, don’t even try

          1. You’re right, I’m not concerned, but you most likely voted which makes you responsible for corrupt politicians getting rich off tax dollars, I’ll never get involved in that scam

  2. While you may have won the overall election, you should know it was not because you did well in St. Mary’s or Calvert Counties. We don’t want you as evidenced by the fact you got your butt kicked, so your empty rhetoric means nothing. You don’t hear us, you don’t even bother to listen, so please stay away.

    1. So if the Washington Commandos go to Philly and win, it doesn’t count because the people in the stands rooted for the Eagles?? The players on the Commandos should listen to the Eagles fans in the stands and let the Eagles win?

          1. The national football league has absolutely nothing to do with the above article
            As usual you have irrelevant responses and are now whining about it

          2. Awwww so you can bash me but soon as I bash back at you, you run and tell, run along and tell on me…..go on….. it’s ok your mommy said so

    1. or when the district is so gerrymandered the opponent cant win. get rid of PG and AA out of our district, and 5 goes red.

  3. you all are jaded….get a grip, nothing is going to change if you keep that bad attitude. It’s didn’t go my way so I’m not playing…..Grow alittle-TRY PLEASE for our children and future….

  4. I’m so very happy for Mr. Steny Hoyer, he does his job and whenever he retires I hope whomever gets his job do for the people like him.

    1. oh? you like him not listening to his constituents on both sides? you like him trampling your rights because some lobbyist paid him thousands of dollars? no. he does not do a good job. he does nothing for us.

      if he does serve anyone beside himself, it is the people in PG and AA counties that are part of district 5. get rid of those two counties and 5 goes red.

  5. Take your girlfriend Pelosi the witch and leave the country please
    Just retire already
    And take big dogs with you too

  6. “Anonymous says: November 10, 2022 at 7:28 pm You’re right, I’m not concerned, but you most likely voted which makes you responsible for corrupt politicians getting rich off tax dollars, I’ll never get involved in that scam” I have PROUDLY voted in every election since I turned 18.

    1. And you are fully responsible for feeding into the scam, making politicians rich off of our tax dollars, again they promise the world and do absolutely NOTHING, politicians are crooks, thieves, and liars
      You fall for their garbage, not me, I don’t trust any of them, never have and never will

      1. So, tell us, what do you think of all those whose final resting place is in Arlington and similar sites around the world?

        1. What in god’s creation does the fallen soldiers of this country have to do with voting and crooked politicians? Besides the fact that corrupt government and crooked politicians put them there

    2. If you vote woopdy doo, that’s your choice, you’re obviously not going to change “anonymous “ mind nor their point of view so why try? You’re wasting your time if they don’t vote they don’t vote, there isn’t any law saying you have to vote so it’s their choice
      There are a lot of people that don’t vote and believe that politicians are crooks, just because you don’t believe that doesn’t make you correct either

      1. It is our responsibility as citizens of this country to vote. Guess you were just raised differently.

        1. No I was raised just fine, but it’s their choice on weather they vote or not, there isn’t any laws saying they have to vote
          I’m just saying you’re wasting your time by going back and forth with someone that’s obviously not going to change their ways
          I never said I didn’t vote, but citizens have a right to vote, weather they do so or not that’s totally up to them, there’s thousands of not millions of people that don’t vote, I know tons of people that don’t vote, many of which could care less about politics. Heck I work with people everyday that don’t vote. It’s not the end of the world, don’t get stressed or bent out of shape about it

          1. You seem to be the one getting bent out of shape. Your points have absolutely nothing to do with mine. You clearly don’t understand the difference between someone not voting and the commentary by anonymous.

        2. I understand it perfectly, they don’t vote because they believe politicians are crooks, you are mad because you want everyone to vote, this is a free country, if you don’t like their choice feel free to move to Russia, I hear it’s really nice right now

          1. So you’ve changed your tune. Would you please make up your mind as to which point you want to make. People don’t vote because they are lazy/don’t care about politics or people don’t vote because they think all politicians are crooks.

        3. You are completely missing everything Richard
          Anonymous doesn’t vote because they believe politicians are crooks, I personally know people that could care less about voting because they simply do not care

          What is so hard to understand about this? Can you not read? Or are you just another Richard acting like a keyboard warrior?

          If you enjoy dictatorships which clearly you do because it’s your way or no way you can again move to Russia

          1. I am not the one confusing Anonymous’ attacks on this country’s system of govt with those who are just lazy. Again, pick which point you want to make because the two examples are not equal.

        4. I haven’t changed any tune, my point is VERY clear, I could write it out with crayons if that’s what you would prefer as well

          Anything else you care to add there Richard?

        5. We’re done here Richard, you’re asking the same thing over and over, scroll back up and start over reading my comments

          1. You are right. We’re done. You might want to read over your comments maybe you’ll finally understand. Oh…and I am not “asking” anything. I’ve been making statements. It’s no wonder you can’t understand the difference between simply not voting and making comments that attack they system.

        6. I have fully read my comments and they stand, please learn how to read or stop commenting

          If you choose to continue commenting I live in the Chesapeake ranch estates you can come here and we can discuss this further if you like, otherwise shut your trap

          1. I choose to continue commenting. If for no other reason than to show what a hypocrite you are. You claim I should move to Russia because I want to force people to vote—despite the fact that I said no such thing. You on the other hand suggest violence against me for exercising my 1st Amendment rights by expressing my contempt for those who don’t vote and particularly those whose words call our system of govt a scam and corrupt?

  7. Ok Richard

    Here it is again, anonymous doesn’t vote because they believe politicians are crooks

    I personally know people that don’t vote because they could care less

    I am defending THEIR choice of not voting because AGAIN THERE IS NO LAW SAYING THEY HAVE TO VOTE, what part of that are you not comprehending?????

    You however are forcing voting on them……it’s a FREE DAMN COUNTRY if they don’t want to vote they don’t have to, get that through your head and stop acting like a nazi

    1. I thought you were done? Why don’t you just go? You are just making yourself look dumber and dumber. Here’s a challenge for you: Please copy and paste the text I posted that makes you think I am “forcing voting” on anyone.

      1. It is our responsibility as citizens of this country to vote. Guess you were just raised differently.

        Here’s one of your comments

      2. Voting is a choice

        It’s not a law
        It’s not a civic duty
        It’s not a responsibility

        It’s a free choice to make, weather someone votes or not who cares???

        If you don’t like America and it’s free choices again feel free to move to Russia and enjoy communism, Putin could surely use a new friend these days

        Have a nice thanksgiving, enjoy the holidays and give politics a rest

        1. Ok so please look up the words “Law”, “duty” and “responsibility”. Once you have, come back and explain the differences between them.

          1. The above comment was the end

            It ended with this sentence

            Have a nice thanksgiving, enjoy the holidays and give politics a rest

  8. I served two tours in Afghanistan for this country so people could remain free and have a choice
    You can take that as a threat if you wish but given the rest of the articles you post on you will remain hidden “keyboard warrior” and remain a total coward

  9. BTW, since you didn’t bother to reply. The answer is that “responsibility” and “duty” are not “law” and have no legal consequences. So saying that US citizens have a responsibility to vote is in no way advocating for the “forcing” of US citizens to vote.

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