Waldorf, MD – Four students were honored Tuesday, April 19 by the Charles County Board of Education for excellence in academic achievement, career readiness and personal responsibility.

Treasure Harvey, a fifth-grade student at Indian Head Elementary School, was recognized for academic achievement. Treasure is a well-rounded student with high academic standards. Her hard work results in her consistently being named to the principal’s honor roll. Harvey demonstrates determination, enthusiasm and perseverance for learning, and often proactively seeks additional materials both on topics of study and on subjects that interest her. Harvey’s writing is amazing and she is currently working on writing a novel. She is part of the gifted education program and perseveres through each task she is given. Harvey’s class was analyzing various types of writing to identify literary devices used in the author’s craft. The students’ independent assignment was to write a commercial using a variety of literary devices and present their commercial to the class. Harvey showed up wearing sunglasses and presented her commercial as a rap. Her goal was to cause positive emotions about eating fresh food, “Tresagna,” instead of frozen lasagna. The commercial was such a hit with students that many of them wanted to wear sunglasses and rap their commercial as well. Harvey was among select fifth-grade students chosen to meet with Superintendent of Schools Kimberly Hill for an Elementary School Superintendent Advisory Committee meeting. Treasure prepared detailed notes to share with Hill on improvements for Charles County Public Schools.

Jayln Butler is a fifth-grade student at Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School and was recognized for academic achievement. Butler is an excellent student in all subject areas and is a role model in the classroom. He displays the three R’s at all times — Ready, Responsible and Respectful. Butler strives to be successful in everything he does and exceeds expectations for classroom performance. He scored in the advanced range on the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) in reading and math when he was in third grade. In fourth grade, he scored at proficiency Level 4 on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). He also excelled on county post tests and has been an honor roll student, making straight A’s almost all quarters for the past two years. In addition, Butler does a great job balancing extracurricular activities and school responsibilities. He is a member of the Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) team, the Just Say No Club, math team and is a member of the safety patrol. Butler also plays the violin, is a member of the honors orchestra and in the chorus.

Noelle Ivey is an eighth grader at Theodore G. Davis Middle School and was recognized for personal responsibility. She has attended Davis since sixth grade.  She came to Davis as a shy girl but has since blossomed into a gregarious, responsible and respected peer leader. Ivey has an overall three-year grade-point average (GPA) of 3.153 through the first quarter of the 2015-16 school year. It reflects her tenacity to work hard and take personal responsibility for her academic career in spite of challenges. Ivey demonstrates personal responsibility silently through her conduct, but also displays such through her interaction with her peers. Ivey can be found quieting or guiding other students who may have gotten off task or are not following the directions of teachers or administrators. Ivey has a calm and gentle demeanor which she uses to help console other students when they are having a personal crisis. She has managed to juggle a busy schedule the past three years with chorus, track, fashion troupe and spirit team activities.  This year, she is playing the lead role of Jasmine in the school play, “Aladdin.” While managing all of the extracurricular activities, Ivey continues to strengthen her personal responsibility, boosting her current GPA to 3.875.

Jasmine Andrade is a senior at Westlake High School and was recognized for career readiness.  Andrade wants to be an engineer and is well on her way to achieving the goal. Jasmine participated in the Project Lead the Way Engineering program and is currently enrolled in the capstone courses for the program, Engineering Design and Development and Civil Engineering and Architecture. Andrade not only takes the two college-level engineering courses, but she also is enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) statistics and AP literature. Even with her rigorous course load, Jasmine has a 4.33 GPA and is fifth in her graduating class. She is involved at Westlake as a member of MESA, is the vice president of the Student Government Association, participates in Envirothon, is in the National Honor Society and has received principal’s honors and Student of the Month recognition. Andrade also plays tennis and soccer for Westlake. She gives back to the community as well, volunteering with the Humane Society of Charles County and participating in Relay for Life.  During Andrade’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family.

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