Annapolis, MD — Doug Remaley will be sworn in as the new chief of the Annapolis Fire Department Tuesday, August 26, at 3 p.m. 

A lifelong resident of Annapolis, Remaley has spent his career with Annapolis Fire, first as a volunteer, then working his way up the ranks to Deputy Chief. He will be the the 6th career Chief of the Annapolis Fire Department.

The new chief will then authorize Deputy Fire Chief Carroll Spriggs’ elevation to second in command of the 142-person Annapolis Fire Department.

The Annapolis Fire Department operates three stations (Eastport, Forest Drive and Taylor  Avenue) and shares the Anne Arundel County Annapolis Neck fire station. The Fire Department also operates a 36-foot Fire Boat, a Hazardous Materials Unit, a Bomb Squad and a Fire and Explosive Investigations Unit.