Leonardtown, MD – St. Mary’s Lake, located along Maryland Route 5, between Leonardtown and Great Mills, at the end of Camp Cosoma Road, is a natural treasure.

In addition being a popular freshwater fishing spot for largemouth bass, chain pickerel, crappie, bluegill and sunfish, the lake also has one of the finest hiking trails in Southern Maryland, 7.5 miles around the lake.

The hiking trail at the lake isn’t for sissies. At 7.5 miles, the one-lane trail does wind through some extraordinary territory, but also has its share of challenges. After a heavy rain, there will be mud, but there is also splendor well worth any inconvenience.

Folks mountain bike the trail on a regular basis and pets are allowed [on leashes] at the park.

St. Mary’s River Park was established in 1968, when the headwaters of the St. Mary’s River were dammed to create a 250-acre lake, part of a 2,200-acre park that is as beautiful as it is expansive.

There are several aspects to the park that are enticing for anyone with a love of the outdoors.

First there is the fishing, which many sportsmen willingly take advantage of.

The hiking trail, with its lush foliage and varied wildflowers, offers walking enthusiasts a tremendous place to be one with nature.

Another aspect of the park is the amazing array of mushrooms that sprout up from the forest floor every summer.

Multi-colored, varying in shape and size, they are, of course, deadly poison, but beautiful to look at.

Normal precautions for walking are recommended, including insect repellant, because there are ticks.

St. Mary’s River Park is a wonderful place to hike, bike ride, fish or let the kids play on the playground. Some picnic spots are available.

So what are you waiting for?

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