First it was the HEALTHNET, and now TBN is launching its brand new Public Works and Energy Section. On Saturday, Jan. 31, the section comes to life and will be accessible from TBN’s front page.

This revolutionary concept and one-of-a-kind news and user resource section will be dedicated to the latest breaking news; information and public works agency listings; energy and utility company contacts; all with links to various public works and energy providers across Southern Maryland.


TBN readers will be able to connect directly through the site to pay their power and other utility bills. There is also a list of contacts for any emergency situation, many with direct links to agency web sites.

During actual emergency situations that affect power, communication and road conditions, TBN’s PW&E section will update readers continuously with any breaking news and events as they occur.

 SMECO’s power outage map is updated in
 real time so TBN’s readers can check the
 situation at home from their offices.

Readers will be able to view power outage maps, take advantage of tips and win prizes. There will also be news about the things that affect Southern Marylanders the most. News will cover everything from how to save money on fuel to where to go to create electricity at home and sell it back to energy companies.

The Public Works and Energy section has been designed with ease of navigation with a world of information right at the tip of a mouse click. Find out when the next public hearing is going to be held and when it affects you in your neighborhood; all right here on TBN.

 There will be a complete listing of
 all events having to do with
 public works, utilities and energy.

As always, TBN welcomes our reader feedback. Take a look at the new section and feel free to let us know what you think. Rest assured, the new PW&E section will grow with each passing day as bring more and more functionality and sponsors on line.